Microsoft Points Finally Put Out To Pasture

Microsoft Points Finally Put Out To Pasture

In a move that didn’t come anywhere near soon enough, Microsoft’s carnival fun dollars known as Microsoft Points, are finally put out to pasture once and for all.

While this recent change of operating procedure has just come to us,  many Xbox users have been asking for this for a long time. Microsoft Points represented the online proprietary “solution” MS came up with to make online transactions for MS products “more convenient”. MSP really just made things “more aggravating”, as regular purchases always seemed to have left you with more  points than you needed, or unequal amounts, forcing the user to purchase more points…by spending more money.

The currency exchange and ultimate dismantlement has already taken place, and will greet any users of the Xbox 360 or Windows Phone Store the next time they use Microsoft’s online services. The change has effected a couple dozen countries, including the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, France and loads more.

Fear not, your old Microsoft Points have been converted to real currency already, so you haven’t lost any of your Microsoft fun dollars in the conversion process. MS has even assured us “the amount added to your Microsoft account is of equal or greater Marketplace value than your Microsoft Points.” Let’s hope we don’t hear too many horror stories of this not being the case.

If you want the full rundown of the finer details, check our the MSP FAQ over on, so that any finite details are fully answered. I say good riddance, and not a moment too soon. The timing has obviously coincided with preparation for the Xbox One launch, which has a tinge of irony to it, at least in the sense that more good news involving a Microsoft video game console involves a policy reversal.

At least that’s over with.

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