Halo 4 Grind Guides: Spartan Ops – Season 1, Episode 9

With the advent of the ninth episode of Halo 4’s first Spartan Ops season, we’re only one chapter away from wrapping said season up. Here are your kill counts for Fireteam Crimson’s chase of the missing doctor.

This episode’s chapters are really, really great about giving you helpers in various forms, which means kill-stealers when it comes to grinding, and may have caused these numbers to be slightly off. They’re not too big of a hassle, for the most part, and as always, vehicle counts are based on destroying all potential vehicles while their pilots are still alive and on board.

Chapter 1: The Search For Halsey
Grunts: 5
Grunt Imperials 3
Grunt Ultras: 2
Jackals: 5
Jackal Majors: 1
Jackal Rangers: 3
Elites: 5
Elite Zealots: 5
Elite Officers: 2
Crawlers: 34
Crawler Primes: 9
Knights: 6
Knight Battlewagons: 3
Watchers: 10
Hunters: 2

Chapter 2: Clean Up
Grunts: 10
Grunt Imperials: 6
Grunt Ultras: 5
Jackals: 3
Jackal Rangers: 6
Jackal Primes: 5
Elites: 7
Elite Zealots: 6
Elite Officers: 6
Elite Generals: 4
Crawlers: 11
Crawler Primes: 9
Knights: 6
Knight Battlewagons: 7
Knight Commanders: 2
Hunters: 2

Chapter 3: Science Mountain
Grunts: 42
Grunt Imperials: 13
Elites: 7
Elite Zealots: 8
Elite Officers: 3
Crawlers: 23
Crawler Primes: 7
Knights: 11
Knight Commanders: 2
Watchers: 34
Ghosts: 6

If some of those numbers seem a little high to you, that’s because they hand you Scorpion tanks throughout the bulk of the mission and let you go to town. Chances are you’ll get a gunner who picks off some lightweights between your main gun reloads, but it’s not that big a dent in your kill count.

Chapter 4: Revenge
Grunts: 29
Grunt Imperials: 11
Jackals: 12
Jackal Majors: 3
Jackal Rangers: 32
Elites: 15
Elite Zealots: 7
Elite Officers: 1
Hunters: 6
Ghosts: 7
Wraiths: 2

Chapter 5: The Hammer
Crawlers: 46
Alpha Crawlers: 41
Elites: 3
Elite Zealots: 7
Elite Officers: 1
Elite Generals: 2
Knights: 1
Knight Battlewagons: 10
Knight Commanders: 1
Watchers: 30

The nicest thing about this episode as a whole is the fairly even split across the five chapters between Covenant and Forerunner enemies. Only a couple of stand-out stacks, but you’ll come through a playthrough of all five with some progress across the board. Make sure to come back next week for the season finale’s enemy counts, and with luck, indicators of more Spartan Ops seasons to come.

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