Halo 4 Grind Guides: Spartan Ops – Season 1, Episode 8

The eighth episode of this season of Spartan Ops, Expendable, has been hanging around for a bit, so there may as well be some kill counts to look at, eh? This time around, Thorne and Dr. Glassman have found their way out of Covenant hands, only to see Dr. Halsey fall right back into them. A lot of Covies to kill this time around, though there’s a smattering of Watchers in a couple of missions.

As always, counts may vary slightly due to suicidal Grunts, killing vehicle pilots, and so forth. Vehicle counts are always the number you can potentially take out in a stage, should their pilots not perish before you’re done wrecking their rides.

Chapter 1: Unfinished Business
Grunts: 29
Grunt Imperials: 18
Grunt Ultras: 6
Jackals: 14
Jackal Majors: 13
Jackal Rangers: 7
Elites: 7
Elite Zealots: 9
Elite Officers: 15
Elite Generals: 2
Ghosts: 4
Wraiths: 1

Chapter 2: Majestic Rescue
Grunts: 12
Grunt Imperials: 1
Jackals: 20
Jackal Majors: 5
Elites: 17
Elite Officers: 5
Hunters: 2
Watchers: 10
Ghosts: 2
Wraiths: 1

You get some NPC buddies for this mission, which means they’ll probably steal a few of your low-ranking kills near the landing zone. They don’t follow you around unless you grab a Warthog, though, so you can save yourself some trouble by just hoofing it.

Chapter 3: Lancer
Grunts: 36
Grunt Imperials: 12
Grunt Ultras: 2
Elites: 15
Elite Officers: 10
Elite Generals: 6
Watchers: 8
Ghosts: 8
Wraiths: 3

Another buddy mission, though this time, they roll on up with their own Warthog about halfway through the mission. Only lost a couple of kills to them, though, so it’s not that big a deal. Hop on the gun if you want, though NPC driving in Halo isn’t something to be trusted.

Chapter 4: Crystal Ball
Grunts: 29
Grunt Imperials: 15
Grunt Ultras: 7
Jackals: 18
Jackal Majors: 3
Jackal Rangers: 22
Elites: 21
Elite Officers: 5
Hunters: 4
Ghosts: 4
Wraiths: 2

Another run where you start with friends, but it’s easy enough to clear the area left of the start, then run right and get ahead of them before they eat into your counts too much.

Chapter 5: Glassman
Grunts: 23
Grunt Imperials: 6
Jackals: 3
Jackal Majors: 3
Jackal Rangers: 21
Elites: 10
Elite Zealots: 12
Elite Officers: 10
Elite generals: 7
Wraiths: 3

This time around, there are some turrets you have to activate as part of the mission that might pick off some of your weaker enemies, but really, they didn’t seem to do much. Handy for dropping Elite shields, though.

That does it for this much-belated rundown of Episode 8’s kill counts. Swing back soon for Episode 9!

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