Halo 4 Grind Guides: Spartan Ops – Season 1, Episode 7

Invasion, the seventh episode of this first Halo 4 Spartan Ops season, is upon us, and business is getting serious. This time around, you’ll be fighting on a new map planetside, then spending the other four chapters in the belly of the UNSC Infinity. Here are the kill counts for each chapter, done in Easy mode (which is the fastest for commendation grinding, obviously).

As always, kill counts may vary depending on whether you take out turret jockeys on Phantoms while they’re dropping new waves of enemies, if you kill Watchers before they spawn Crawler packs or neglect to kill them while they’re resurrecting Knights, and so forth.

Chapter 1: Backup
Grunts: 32
Grunt Imperials: 11
Jackals: 31
Jackal Majors: 9
Elites: 19
Elite Officers: 8
Crawlers: 14
Crawler Primes: 2
Knights: 8
Watchers: 8
Ghosts: 4
Wraiths: 1

This chapter is especially easy, thanks to the Mantis they give you about halfway through. Just make sure you take out the Phantom that’s hassling your own ride as soon as you get the chance. Great place to clean up on some of the lower-grade infantry.


Chapter 2: Home Field
Grunts: 21
Grunt Imperials: 10
Grunt Ultras: 5
Jackals: 17
Jackal Majors: 8
Jackal Rangers: 29
Elites: 15
Elite Zealots: 2
Elite Officers: 7
Elite Generals: 5
Crawlers: 11
Crawler Primes: 3
Knights: 1
Knight Battlewagons: 5

Grunt and Jackal counts may be off by a few here, as there are several complicating factors. For starters, you have several Marines helping you out in the starting hangar and one of the hallways, so they can snag a few kills from you. Secondly, there are two suicide squads of Grunts with plasma grenades as soon as you leave the hangar, and you may not be able to drop them all before they pop. On the plus side, they’re making a run for your Marine buddies when they show up, which can eliminate other lost kills down the line.


Chapter 3: Engine Of Destruction
Grunts: 19
Grunt Imperials: 7
Grunt Ultras: 2
Jackals: 6
Jackal Majors:
Jackal Rangers: 57
Elites: 1
Elite Zealots: 13
Elite Officers: 1
Elite Generals: 7
Crawlers: 16
Crawler Primes: 2
Knights: 2

Another chapter where your Marine “buddies” can get lucky and snag a kill or two. You should still be fast enough to get most of them, however. And yes, that is a lot of Jackal Rangers; even if they’re carrying a shield, if they have the goofy dome helmets on, they’re Rangers.


Chapter 4: The Guns Of Infinity
Grunts: 65
Grunt Imperials: 22
Jackals: 26
Jackal Majors: 8
Jackal Rangers: 21
Elites: 12
Elite Zealots: 9
Elite Officers: 4
Hunters: 2
Crawlers: 2
Watchers: 1

More Marines hanging out, but the only place they may get particularly troublesome is one hallway where they have a turret set up. If you just run in front of the turret and do the work yourself, you shouldn’t lose much in regards to kills.


Chapter 5: Victory Lap
Grunts: 30
Jackals: 13
Jackal Majors: 2
Elites: 2
Elite Officers: 7
Elite Generals: 2
Hunters: 6
Crawlers: 39
Crawler Primes: 14
Knights: 3
Knight Battlewagons: 3
Knight commanders: 1
Watchers: 12

While Hunters aren’t as plentiful here as in Shootout In valhalla, this mission feels a bit quicker than Shootout, so it may be easier to just run it to rack up your Hunter tally. The Watchers in the first room love spawning Crawlers, so if you don’t need them or just don’t want to deal with them, take those Watchers out, post haste.


And that does it for Episode 7. Swing back here next week for another set of numbers to make your Halo 4 commendation-grinding life easier.

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