Halo 4 Grind Guides: Spartan Ops – Season 1, Episode 6

Spartan Ops is back in business, with Episode 6 now available and featuring some new maps for variety’s sake. Here are the kill counts for the new chapters, for those of you filling your commendation bars.

Keep in mind that counts for certain things may vary for you, such as Ghost pilots dying before you take the vehicles out, Watchers being spawned from Knights, and Grunt/Elite counts being one or two off on account of popping the turret operators on the sides of hovering Phantoms.

Chapter 1: Escape Plan
Grunts: 23
Grunt Imperials: 35
Grunt Ultras: 7
Jackals: 1
Jackal Majors: 2
Jackal Rangers: 47
Elites: 19
Elite Zealots: 2
Elite Officers: 8
Elite Generals: 4
Crawlers: 12
Crawler Primes: 4
Ghosts: 4

Chapter 2: All The Secrets
Grunts: 31
Grunt Imperials: 7
Jackals: 17
Jackal Majors: 5
Jackal Rangers: 1
Elites: 11
Elite Zealots: 14
Elite Officers: 7
Elite Generals: 1
Hunters: 4
Ghosts: 4
Banshees: 2

Great level to hit up Elite Rangers, which count as Elite Zealots; a ton of them drop toward the end of the level, at which point you have a pretty much endless supply of rockets.

Chapter 3: Need To Know
Grunts: 20
Grunt Imperials: 9
Grunt Ultras: 13
Jackals: 4
Jackal Majors: 2
Jackal Rangers: 8
Elites: 6
Elite Officers: 5
Elite Generals: 3
Hunters: 2
Knights: 8
Knight Battlewagons: 19
Watchers: 5

Absolutely the go-to chapter for Backstabs; the initial batch of grunts are asleep, for easy assassination, and if you hang right, you can find an Elite not paying attention for another. Don’t activate the console he’s messing with, however, as it calls in an airstrike that wipes out most of the enemies in the first area (which could be great for experience runs rather than commendation runs, mind you).

Chapter 4: Cyclone
Grunts: 36
Grunt Imperials: 10
Jackals: 14
Jackal Majors: 8
Jackal Rangers: 11
Elites: 23
Elite Officers: 4
Hunters: 4
Ghosts: 6
Wraiths: 1

Chapter 5: Switchback
Grunts: 5
Grunt Imperials: 1
Jackals: 6
Jackal Primes: 4
Elites: 1
Elite Zealots: 2
Elite Generals: 1
Crawlers: 22
Crawler Primes: 23
Crawler Snipers: 6
Knights: 19
Knight Battlewagons: 7
Knight Commanders: 4
Watchers: 6

While it’s sad to say so about single digit counts, this is one of the better areas for Knight Commanders and Crawler Snipers.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this round. Stay tuned as these go weekly once more with the next few Spartan ops episodes, as well as forthcoming playlist updates, like the long-awaited return of Grifball to matchmaking.

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