Halo 4 Grind Guides: Spartan Ops – Season 1, Episode 10

The end of Halo 4’s Spartan Ops, or at least, the first season, is upon us. Fire teams Crimson and Majestic are the last UNSC forces remaining on Requiem’s surface, racing against time to free the UNSC Infinity from the tether connecting it to the planet, so they might get clear of the planet before it plummets into a nearby star. Here are your kill counts for those Covenant and Forerunner forces who opted to hang out with you until the end.

While not as bad as the previous episode, a few chapters offer you assistance, so you may lose a few kills here and there, and the abundance of Watchers can lead to some resurrections which can throw off the Knight counts. And, as always, vehicle counts are for potential kills, as killing a vehicle’s pilot doesn’t count as a vehicle kill.

Counts taken on Easy playthroughs, as this is about numbers, not looking good.

Chapter 1: Artifact
Grunts: 28
Grunt Imperials: 12
Grunt Ultras: 2
Jackal Majors: 7
Jackal Rangers: 33
Elites: 5
Elite Zealots: 1
Elite Officers: 6
Elite Generals: 5
Hunters: 4

Right at the beginning, your Pelican will hang out and lay down some cover fire for you, which can cost you even a Hunter or two if you’re not quick. There should be ordnance drops containing SPNKrs right near the starting point, so grab those to get the Hunters as quickly as possible.

Chapter 2: In One Way
Grunts: 8
Grunt Imperials: 11
Jackal Majors: 3
Jackal Rangers: 13
Elites: 4
Elite Officers: 7
Elite Generals: 3
Crawlers: 23
Crawler Primes: 14
Crawler Snipers: 1
Knights: 8
Knight Battlewagons: 6
Knight Commanders: 1
Watchers: 20

There’s an airstrike not long into the beginning of the first section, but it’s only to take out the two hovering towers off to your right. I’m pretty sure there are only Grunts in them, so it’s not difficult to pick them off before the air support hits.

Chapter 3: Seize The Power
Grunts: 34
Grunt Imperials: 8
Grunt Ultras: 8
Elites: 9
Elite Zealots: 14
Elite Officers: 9
Elite Generals: 3
Hunters: 2
Knights: 6
Knight Battlewagons: 2
Watchers: 2
Ghosts: 10

You get a full fire team of NPC SPARTAN-IIIs for this mission, which you’d think would be a pain, especially since they’re great at not dying. However, so long as you keep ahead of them, and grab a Ghost as soon as you can, you should be able to rack up kills without their interference.

Chapter 4: Out The Other
Elites: 18
Elite Zealots: 1
Elite Officers: 13
Elite Generals: 5
Crawlers: 32
Crawler Primes: 7
Knights: 10
Knight Battlewagons: 1
Watchers: 28
Ghosts: 4
Wraiths: 2

At least half the Elite crew you’ll face are waiting for you right off the bat, but there’s a Mantis up the ramp to the right after them that makes the rest of the mission a breeze once you get it. I think you have to hop out all of one time, to open a door.

Chapter 5: One Last Time
Grunts: 6
Grunt Imperials: 3
Grunt Ultras: 2
Jackal Primes: 3
Jackal Rangers: 9
Elites: 1
Elite Zealots: 7
Elite Officers: 7
Elite Generals: 3
Hunters: 2
Crawlers: 12
Crawler Primes: 10
Crawler Snipers: 1
Knights: 2
Knight Battlewagons: 8
Knight Commanders: 1
Watchers: 2


With that, we’ve wrapped up all the Spartan Ops Episodes in Season One. Feel free to refer back to the Grind Guides for the other episodes, and look forward to at least one or two for the recent playlist tweaks, and the new list being brought in with the Majestic Map pack, to fill the commendation-grinding time between now and the next season.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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