Nintendo Skipping Out On Indie Developer Support For Wii U

Nintendo Skipping Out On Indie Developer Support For Wii U

An article over on Gamasutra continues to paint a gloomy picture for Nintendo’s future: the company is no longer seeking Indie help for games to be featured on the Wii U.

This news comes as a definite surprise to many, as Nintendo had a very heavy focus during their E3 Nintendo Direct video, advertising the Indie support the Wii U would have in coming months. The statement being passed around to hopeful devs simply states:

“We are not accepting applications from developers located in Japan at this time” in both English and Japanese.

What’s quite odd about the statement is it specifies Japanese Indie developers, which adds further intrigue into the mix. Why Nintendo would turn down a chance at increasing the Wii U’s library, a midst accusations the console currently lacks software is beyond me.  I am well aware Nintendo has finite time and resource to focus on external projects, but considering the ever growing trend of “Nintendo is Dooooomed” sentiment, I would think they would go out of their way to get as many games as possible.

Nintendo has promised many top notch first party titles, and despite this bit of news, a string of third party support to flesh out their digital library as well. With the Xbox One and PS4 right around the corner, the Wii U is going to have to pull out all the stops to show the gaming world powerful tech isn’t the only way to win.

Hopefully, this regulation on Japanese Indie Devs contribution to the Wii U’s success will be temporary, for the sake of Nintendo fans the world over.

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