Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC Review

Genre: First Person Shooter/Role Playing Game

Platform: Playstation 3

Developer: Gearbox

Publisher: 2K Games

Released: January 15th 2013

Haven’t had enough of Borderlands 2, have you? Don’t worry, no one will think you’re mad since this game is all about fun, wether it’s hunting down some nasty creatures or collecting loot and weapons. Just as promised, Gearbox has expanded the game’s story once again with this third Story DLC called Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt: the previous DLCs were pretty entertaining, especially thanks to some of the characters present. Will this DLC be as enjoyable as the other two that came before it? Let’s find out.

Sir Hammerlock’s Hobbies

Like with the other two DLC, you’ll be greeted by a video introducing the titular character, Sir Hammerlock. To get to the new area introduced in the DLC you’ll have to travel to Hunter’s Grotto: the new content is available from the start, however I suggest playing it after having reached level 30 or completing the main game since some enemies can give you some troubles if you’re underleveled. The story starts as a simple “hunting trip” and turns into something completely different, with Professor Nakajima getting in your way, seeking vengeance for Handsome Jack. While the premise looks quite crazy, this DLC falls short on the story aspect: the story it’s short and not so entertaining. Only three main quests are available and you can complete it in less than 2 hours and these two hours are quite uneventful.

Damp and Cloudy

With the story not being too entertaining, it’s up to the rest of the new content saving this DLC. Does it do it? For the most part, yes: there are some interesting new monsters, including two apparently invincible creatures, many sidequests and regular monster types. Most of the sidequests are just going from one location to another or simply fetch quests: however some of them offer a decent degree of variety and some funny premises as well, more funnier than the main quests, that’s for sure. As for the monsters, you’ll spot some new witch doctor enemies who will buff up other enemies they’re paired with, offering a world of pain if not disposed of as soon as possible. The two new Invincible Creatures will also offer a good degree of challenge, even though they may require some specific character build to prevail without too much troubles. The new weapons included are all very powerful so you’ll have some good looting ahead of you.

Final Thoughts

Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is a step back from the Mr Torgue’s DLC: it’s short, not to sweet and has very little replay value. Sidequests are not too varied but they improve the experience a bit and the only reason to keep playing this DLC is to gather all the new weapons and defeat the two new invincible creatures. More variety is added to regular enemies as well, requiring players to come up with new strategies, but aside from all this, there’s not much more.

  • PROS

New Weapons
New enemy types requiring strategy
Two extra Invincible Creatures
Some sidequests are quite fun
The Argon continent looks good

  • CONS

Too short with only three main quests
Little replay value
Sidequests are mostly fetch quests
Story’s not too great

[xrr rating=6.0/10]

6.0 out of 10

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