Wind Waker HD Has Benefitted Zelda U’s Development, Says Aonuma

In an interview with GameTM, Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma spoke about the development of Zelda U, and how the creation of Wind Waker HD has helped to secure a better future for the Zelda series.

Aonuma specifically mentioned borrowing elements from WW, and applying them to Zelda U:

“We are planning on using things like the Wii U GamePad user interface, how you can use the map like a GPS and the intuitive aiming using motion controls in the next Zelda game too. I’d also like to be able to bring the experience of being able to explore the Great Sea however you want to locations other than the sea.”

The Zelda producer was also honest about his taxing work load, with Aonuma hard at work on three different Zelda titles (Wind Waker, A Link Between Worlds, and Zelda U), he cites how juggling life and work can be very challenging:

“The sense of a job well done I get as a result of all these efforts makes me truly happy. Also, when you are working on a number of titles at once you can share information about what works well or badly between the teams. This helps improve the quality of each of the games so there are lots of good things about working like this. The downside is that even when work on one game is over there is still another one there, so I never get a break. My family isn’t so pleased about that. It’s quite a challenge trying to keep them happy.”

It’s always rough to hear when developers don’t get a break from the excessive grind that is game creation, but Aonuma at least has a self-awareness his hard work is very appreciated, and apparent. Wind Waker HD was highly praised across the gaming spectrum, and was one of the only real titles that had a significant impact on global Wii U sales, something I’m sure Nintendo is quite grateful of.

I’m happy to hear the man is taking experience from one game to the next, and something I believe he’s done successfully in the past. If nothing else, his continued efforts of bringing cohesion between the titles, might have given way to what is now the legitimized and infamous Zelda timeline. With Zelda U still just a whisper on the gaming wind, the only information we’ve obtained so far is Eiji Aonuma’s acknowledgment of  utilizing the best elements of games such as Skyward Sword and Wind Waker HD in the new game.

If nothing else, this may lead to a more open approach in control scheme for Zelda U, and a decision that would be greeted warmly by both fans of motion controls and regular controller fans alike.

(Quotes Via GameTM)

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