Watch_Dogs: Hacking Is Your Weapon Gameplay Video

Watch_Dogs: Hacking Is Your Weapon Gameplay Video

For any of you who had forgotten about the ambitious open world cyber-crime game Watch_Dogs, a new video is here to refresh your memory.

First showcased last year at E3, Ubisoft blew the gaming world away when they revealed Watch_Dogs, a title that promised “Everything is Connected”. The game follows Aiden Pearce, as he uses his mastery of hacking to fight crime in the technologically controlled urban sprawl of Chicago. The gameplay features Aiden utilizing the “smart city” of Chicago against itself, manipulating electronics, buildings, and even people for his own needs.

A new series of gameplay videos is schedules for release, the first in the series entitled: Hacking Is Your Weapon. The gameplay video reminds us of how much control we’ll have over our surroundings, this includes tapping into “ctOS”, the network that controls the city. After successfully gaining control of the system, you can manipulate objects, hack into ATM’s for cash, spy on anyone through security cameras, and even evade police when you are escaping arrest. The hacking in Watch_Dogs is equivalent to Aiden’s super power, and his level of control elevates him to the title of technomancy, in all of it’s cyber punk glory.

Check out the new video below, and get ready to hack your way to victory on November 19th.

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