Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #8: Tim Burton Pokemon, Super Mario Belt, Skyrim Keening Sword

Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #8: Tim Burton Pokemon, Super Mario Belt, Skyrim Keening Sword

Welcome to the 2013’s first Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear! We’ve had a short break, but now we’re back and ready to find all the greatest crafts, toys, art, clothing, figures and whatever awesome swag we can find. How was your Christmases and New Years festivitities?

We have a fantastic selection to kickstart the year, with amazing Pokemon, Mario and Elder Scrolls creations. If you’re a gamer, chances are you love at least one of those franchises, and I know you’ll be impressed!

Tim Burton-Style Pokemon

Any memories or first thought when you hear the word Pokemon likely consist of those adorable, catchable critters you loved or still love, and wish were real. Well, prepare to change your perception, as Vaughn Pinpin’s “Tim Burton x PKMN Project” is evolving the elemental beasts in ways more terrifying than you can imagine.

Taking inspiration from the creepy and unique style of Tim Burton, Pinpin is currently drawing every Pokemon in their Pokedex order, starting with the original 150. He is currently 41 Pokemon in, and the results are just absolutely stunning. 

These are some highlights, but be sure to check out them all over on his website!

[Source: Hat Boy via Destructoid]

Super Mario Belt

This leather belt is incredibly clever as it is a joy to look at. Leatherworker Julia created this Super Mario Bros. belt for her brother’s birthday, recreating the final level of the original game with complete accuracy. The stage is laid out across the belt from beginning to end!

The fantastic Tanooki Mario belt buckle is just the icing on the cake. Check out the work-in-progress stages too, to really appreciate the love and detail that went into this.

[Source: Imgur via Geekologie]

Skyrim Keening Sword

Can you believe it’s been a year since Skyrim released? You wouldn’t believe it with some people, who are still playing it even after buying at launch! Here’s something for you devoted fans.

This replica of the Keening Sword  by 9GAG user claimbelame is absolutely gorgeous. Not only does it look like a pleasure to wield and gawp at, it was also made for a great cause, crafted for the Child’s Play charity.

[Source: 9GAG via Sprite Stitch]

To check out the previous Crafts ‘N Gear, here’s the link for #6: Super Mario Christmas Tree Lights, Wooden Hylian Shield, Companion (Ice) Cubes. You can find all our back episodes here.

If you’ve seen or made anything cool that you’d like to see featured, leave us a comment or send me a tweet! You just might see your name credited next week.

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