Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #30 Minecraft Edition: Custom Cake, Chair and Chalk Art

[Welcome again to Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear! This is a weekly feature wherein I shine the spotlight on three of the best custom-made, video game-inspired projects I’ve come across this week. Whatever the game and whether it’s art, crafts, toys, cosplay, animations or anything creative, if it’s awesome enough I’ll share with you wonderful readers!]

It’s a Minecraft special this week, with only Minecraft-themed, fan-made objects. Why? No reason, actually, other than the fact that there happens to be a ton of amazing stuff based on everyone’s favourite mining simulator lately. What’s that? Minecraft Xbox One was announced this week? Well hey, that’ll do for an occasion! Also, a game literally based on the building and creating things seems pretty appropriate here. On with the crafts!

Minecraft Cake

You may have been expecting the actual iconic, cube-shaped cake found within the game here, but in fact what we have here is even more imaginative. This sculpture-like cake appears to take out a piece of the very game it’s based on, with very authentic-looking terrain.

Using different types of cake, icing and jelly, Craftster user sushiluvzombie created this amazing piece of confectionary for her (extremely lucky) cousin’s birthday. It even comes complete with brilliant little papercraft figures of animals! I just really hope that Creeper doesn’t explode near this gorgeous thing.

Minecraft Lawn Chair

Reddit user kaptaingunner seems to rightly believe that Minecraft should be enjoyed in the great outdoors now that summer is here–not just inside on a PC.

Complete with those iconic stretched-out pixels and grass and dirt textures, this beautifully detailed chair has an exquisitely-paineted Steve roaming around with his pickaxe. There are even jagged edges at the top to nail home Minecraft’s pixellated style–awesome!

Minecraft Chalk Art

Finally, we saved our best for last for you this week. Before you do anything, though, take a look at that thumbnail of the video before watching. Try telling yourself that it’s not a real, 3D Minecraft Diamond Sword come to life.

It is, in fact, completely made of chalk. In this minute-long video by YouTube user AweMeChannel, you can see the incredible process done to achieve this amazing work of art in fast-forwarded fashion. The shading and colours are so professionally done it looks like I could just reach out and grab that thing!


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If you’ve seen or made anything cool that you’d like to see featured, leave us a comment or send me a tweet! You just might see your name credited next week.

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