Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #19: Pokemon Pinball Machine, Portal GlaDOS Lamp, Video Game Children’s Books

Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #19: Pokemon Pinball Machine, Portal GlaDOS Lamp, Video Game Children’s Books

In this week’s edition of Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear, take a break from training and catching Pokemon and check out a Pokemon pinball machine, GlaDOS can take over your house if you let her and those mature video games you love so much become accessible to children in some stunning artwork.

Pokemon Pinball Machine

 This likely wasn’t what you were expecting when you read the words “Pokemon Pinball Machine”. It’s not your usual, traditional, coin-operated glass-cased arcade game with a Pokemon theme, but Steve Black Jr has still created something no less awesome.

Instead we have a custom-made cabinet that simulates both GBC game Pokemon Pinball and GBA game Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire. It has functioning tilt buttons that operate the flippers in-game, giving it a great arcade feel. Hit the video below, and head to the creator’s website for photos!

YouTube Preview Image

[Source: PKMNcast via Kotaku]

Portal GlaDOS Lamp

No one wants a robot in their house that would use the residents as test subjects and wouldn’t hesitate to kill you. Then again, for the witty, strangely lovable Portal antagonist GlaDOS, many would make an exception. Instructables user dragonator has made this very possible, creating his own 3D printed GlaDOS ceiling lamp and providing instructions on how to do so. How kind!

We’ve had a few officially-licensed Portal 2 merchandise featured on Crafts ‘N Gear, and despite this being a fan-made project, this looks like one of them. Check out the shots below, and visit Instructables if you’re in a building mood.

[Source: Instructables via Geekologie]

Video Game Children’s Books

Ready for something adorable? Joey Spiotto is a former video game concept artist who worked on franchises such as Dead Space. Lately, he’s created these clever and cute images of potential video game children’s books.

Inspired by the classic Little Golden Books, Joey turned Skyrim, Portal 2 and Bioshock into childhood literature, Turning the mature themes of all three games into something adorable. The illustrations are fantastic, and the titles are genius. Though these are just covers, I’d love full stories for each of these. Head over to Joey’s blog where you can buy your own prints!

[Source: Joebot blog via Kotaku]

To check out last week’s featured Crafts ‘N Gear, here’s the link for #18: Super Mario Easter Eggs, Pokemon Rubber Ducks, Zelda Papercrafts. You can find all our back episodes here.

If you’ve seen or made anything cool that you’d like to see featured, leave us a comment or send me a tweet! You just might see your name credited next week.

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