Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #16: Avengers Xbox 360s, Mega Man USB, Majora’s Mask Replica

In this week’s Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear, Marvel’s Avengers get their own custom Xbox 360s, Mega Man is now a data storage device and Majora’s Mask is alive in the ultimate Zelda craft!

Avengers Xbox 360s

Even the Avengers need a day off from saving the world to enjoy some gaming. Zachariah Cruse, who created the amazing Zelda chest replica a few years ago, has now built these stunning custom Xbox 360s.

They’re more than a pretty paint job, too. Iron Man’s system is just like an extension of his suit, with custom lights similar to that of his arc reactor. Captain America’s console has a raised metal shield on the side – now that’s one red ring I wouldn’t mind having on my 360! 

[Source: Zachariah Perry via Kotaku]

Mega Man USB

It seems the Blue Bomber has had his arm cruelly disassembled – thankfully, he appears to have many replacements, and they all have a useful purpose!

Next week the Capcom Store will see this new 8GB Mega Buster USB stick for $19.95. While it appears to be no more than an expensive collector’s item, contained within the stick you’ll find

digital copies of the Mega Man #1-4 comic books, Mega Man Tribute Art Book, Mega Man X Complete Works, Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack, SFxMM wallpapers, and a link to the SFxMM game. Considering those are rare and hard to obtain elsewhere, the content of the drive may be worth the price of admission alone.

Aside from the fact that you’ll require a lot of space to plug this in and it’ll be almost impossible to use on a laptop, from a visual perspective this is really neat. It even has a little cap which creates the end of the cannon! 

[Source: Capcom Unity via Destructoid]

Majora’s Mask Replica

Okay, so we feature a lot of Majora’s Mask stuff on this feature. For whatever reason, there’s a ton of amazingly talented artists who are MM fans. This week was almost Zelda-free, but I happened upon this and, well, you have to see this one!

Riley Planalp has begun a new Kickstarter today. It’s for a life-size replica of Majora’s Mask, with a true to scale size of 18 inches – and it is beautiful. While the artist decided against making it wearable in order to retain the realistic replica, the back is hollowed out so it still resembles an actual mask that Skull Kid could wear.

The artist says: “The funding goal is set for $2000, which is the amount that would take to purchase, in bulk, the materials necessary to begin churning out Majora’s Masks”. Two types will become available: a DIY version that you can paint yourself, and a completely finished version as pictured.

[Source: Kickstarter via Zacariah Perry]

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