Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #15: First-Person Mario, Street Fighter Chess, Remastered Doom Screen

In this week’s Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear, Mario gets gritty in a first-person showdown with Bowser, Street Fighter gets intellectual and Doom’s most iconic screenshot gets remastered to the max.

First-Person Mario

We’re all aware of freddiew, the incredibly talented gaming-focused YouTube director group and their work. The channel has recently been updated with Brandon Laatsch’s latest masterpiece, a first-person perspective of Super Mario Bros. 3’s World 8.

You may remember the previous Mario first-person project of World 1-1. It was and still is an impressive feat, but this new video knocks it out of the sky. This time the grit factor turned up to 11, and the detail is beyond amazing.


[Source: YouTube via De

Street Fighter Chess

You may have spent decades perfecting your shoryukens, parries and combo cancels, but now it’s time to use different logic and strategy for Street Fighter in Capcom’s official chess set.

With only 5,000 sets available, there’s a hefty price tagof $349.90 (£219.03). Still, this is a priceless item for collectors, with a glass board, resin pieces and a high-quality black wood storage case with a laser-etched Street Fighter 25th Anniversary logo.

The roster is as follows: Ryu & M. Bison (kings), Chun-Li & Juri (queens), Ken, Guile, Balrog & Vega (bishops), E. Honda, Blanka, Rolento & Akuma (knights), Dhalsim, Zangief, Sagat & Seth (rooks), Ryu’s fist & Shadaloo winged skull (pawns).

If you missed it, also check out Street Fighter Monopoly!

[Source: Play-Asia via Nintendo Life]

Remastered Doom Screen

When you think of some of the most memorable retro screenshots, Doom’s shot of Pinky is likely to enter your mind. Whether it’s from gaming magazines of old, or around the internet somewhere, you’ve seen this guy before.

Now that 320×240 Doom screenshot has been turned into a whopping 9,600×7,211 resolution, with this version spanning seven Photoshop files. The creator says that “each frame represents ten seconds of work. The image spans across 7 PSD files at a resolution of 9600×7211 pixels. The project took 35 hours to complete over the course of 8 days.”

The dedication here is incredible, and while you can see a comparison here, the full-sized version here really has to be appreciated.


[Source: Deviantart via Geekologie]

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