Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #10: Custom Nintendo Consoles, Shadow of the Colossus Hard Drive, Dead Space Cosplay

Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear is 10!… weeks old. There is more talent shining through than ever in this week’s edition, with consoles Nintendo themselves should have made as limited editions, Shadow of the Colossus‘ Quadratus guarding your all important computer files and Isaac Clarke cosplay so realistic that you’d be forgiven for believing we just put Dead Space 3 screenshots in.

Custom Nintendo Consoles

DeviantArt user Zoki64 has made some unbelievably beautiful mods of various Nintendo consoles, based on Nintendo franchises. After check out those highlights, remember to view all the work on his page, and his YouTube channel to appreciate all the hard work in motion!

[Source: DeviantArt via My Nintendo News]

Shadow of the Colossus Hard Drive

Unless you are the highly courageous (or downright insane) hero Wander, you probably wouldn’t choose to go head to head with the colossi. Who better to guard your important files and/or rude images, then, than Quadratus himself?

At first glance, it looks nothing more than an incredibly detailed and amazing statue. Yeah, I’m sold already. But this is actually also a USB 500GB external drive. Complete with glowing eyes, crafter foxfoxwaltz built the frame using cardboard, plaster, spray paint and who knows what else to create this beauty. I can’t imagine the how much time and effort went into this one.


[Source: Obvious Winner via Geekologie]

Dead Space Cosplay

If only 2013 hadn’t just started – then claiming this to be cosplay of the year already would sound far more honourable. Cosplayers Kevin and Léa collaborate to become Dead Space‘s Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford. I’m convinced that they really are those characters, and not just dressing up.

While the light and fire effects were later added with photoshop, all of the armour is completely real. Add in some stunning photography work and you have images that could fool anyone into believing that these are official promotional photos or stills from a live action Dead Space movie. Actually, Kevin’s suit is so convincing that he has already done some promotional work for EA!


[Source: DeviantArt [1] and [2] via Kotaku]

To check out last week’s featured Crafts ‘N Gear, here’s the link for #9: Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun, Majora’s Mask Backpack, Hungry Hungry Koopas. You can find all our back episodes here.

If you’ve seen or made anything cool that you’d like to see featured, leave us a comment or send me a tweet! You just might see your name credited next week.

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