Top 5 MOMENTS of E3 2013

E3 has come and gone and we now know much more about the devices we will be using for the next generation of gaming. With Xbox One, all our fears about having not many exclusives were quickly gone and replaced with a new fear of $499/£430! Sony on the other hand: undercut the Xbox One’s price, mocked the used games concept and showed games like Mad Max and Destiny. Both systems put on a good conference, but the publishers were the ones who really showed us the next generation. With games like: Watchdogs, Battlefield 4, Destiny, Assassins Creed 4 and The Crew; it’s looking like we’re not going to be bored this holiday season. With so much happening at E3, what were the top 5 moments.

Sony’s $399 Price tag

After an hour and a half of an ordinary conference, we were waiting for Sony to do something interesting. I was up at 3 am in the morning, waiting for something exciting to happen and I might as well have gone to sleep for the first part of it! When Sony revealed its price for the PS4, I wasn’t asleep then. $399 was the price, $100 dollars less than the Xbox one. This stood out as such a big moment in E3 because of all the controversy surrounding Xbox One with DRM and used games. Sony, a company who had not said a lot about the PS4 since February, have done the right thing and pleased the hard-core gamers. Lets just hope the console impresses them, as much as the price does.

Microsoft’s exclusive games

Games! That’s what everyone wanted to see at the Xbox One conference, after the obvious lack of them at the reveal. Luckily we got that, but were they any good? Looking at peoples reactions after the conference, the games seemed to go down well. My opinion though is different, the only games I thought looked any good were Forza 5 and Ryse. They were the only games that looked unique and interesting, with of course stunning visuals. Ryse was a game set in the roman period, however it has not showed itself to be a game that hard-core gamers would want at launch. Another game that looked good to some people was Titenfull. This is a FPS that promises fun addictive game play, from the original makers of Call of Duty. Looking at Titenfull, which is an exclusive to Xbox One, has got many features from Call of Duty, like points for every kill, but it will be interesting to see what happens with this game as time goes forward.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 3 was a ground breaking game when it came out in 2011 and was unlucky not to match Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s sales. Battlefield 3 had superb graphics, sprawling multi-player and tanks, which all have gone into making it a well respected game. There were some negatives though, mainly to do with the destructive environments and also the fact that the campaign wasn’t very good. Looking towards the next reinstatement of the franchise, Battlefield 4 looks to improve on its predecessor. What we saw though at E3 was very impressive and the best demo I saw of all the conferences. The fact that the multi-player can hold up to 64 players and that same multi-player takes destructive environments to mean skyscrapers falling, it looks to knock Call of Duty back into the last generation. I’m sure we will find out more about Battlefield 4 as time goes on, but for now EA and DICE have had a very good E3!

Watch Dogs

Has there ever been a time when Watch dogs hasn’t looked impressive? I think that answer is no and that opinion would probably be right. At E3 2013, Ubisoft showed off the face of the next generation, with a new demo witch was a stealth take on the typically open world action game. The demo started off with being stealthy in cars, a new game play technique on me, and then went on to saving your friend T-Bone with use from CCTV cameras. Everything Ubisoft show is always ground breaking when it comes to Watch Dogs, with things we haven’t seen before. The game has got superb graphics and I think it will be the number 1 game next generation.

PS4 Hardware

After seeing the Xbox One’s hardware 3 weeks ago, there was excitement going into Sony’s conference to see how their PS4 looked. It took a while to see it though, 20 minutes to be precise, but it was worth the wait as it was smaller than the Xbox One. It comes with a Blue Ray but however no TV. This is a good looking device which will hopefully be in your home for many years. It will look good next to many devices and therefore a worthy looking $400 dollar device. The PS4 will be coming out sometime in November, however not with a PlayStation Eye, that’s why it’s a lot cheaper! If you want a device that’s powerful, good looking and has got superb games; get the PS4.

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