The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — Dragonborn (Guide to Side Quests)

Raven Rock

March of the Dead

This quest is given by Captain Veleth, near the Old Attius Farm.   The quest is triggered by rescuing the Captain, who will ask you to clear out Ash Spawn.  For this quest, Veleth with reward you with gold and you will unlock the Served Cold quest.

The Final Descent

This quest can be found in the Raven Rock mines and will be given if you talk to Crescius Caerillius who will ask you go into the mines and find his great-grandfather’s journal.  The quest will have the players fight varying difficulties of draugr, frostbite spiders, and skeevers.  The Dragon Priest Zahkriisos will be the last enemy for you to fight.  Upon returning to Caerillius you will be rewarded with gold and the Served Cold quest will be unlocked.

Served Cold

This quest can only be given if March of the Dead and The Final Descent have been completed.  It will be started by Captain Veleth seeking you out and telling you that Adril Arano is look for you.  Arano will send you to look for clues regarding the potential plot to murder Councillor Morvayn.  This quest will have you fight Morang Tong Assassins in uncovering this mystery.  For completing this quest you will receive Severin Manor with large amounts of gold.

A New Debt

This quest can only be completed after finishing the Reluctant Steward quest.  You must find, Morgul, a shady character hanging out in Raven Rock who will tell you that Drovas Relvi was in his debt.  Morgul will ask you to either pay Relvi’s debt or he will send collectors after you whom you must kill.  You can either pay the debt, be harassed by the collectors, or kill Morgul.

Skall Village

A New Source of Stalhrim

To start this quest, you should head north of Raven Rock and search for an abandoned lodge.  The lodge is surrounded by Thalmor agents who will tell you to turn back.  Inside the lodge is Baldor Iron-Shaper, rescue him and he will ask you to search for his Stalhrim source map.  The main enemy in this quest is the Thalmor.  Your reward will be the permission to make Stalhrim items at Baldor’s forge.

Filal Bond
To start this quest, speak with Wulf Wild-Blood in the Skaal Village.  He will have you seek out his brother, Torkild.  To complete the quest you will have to kill a Werebear.  For comleting the quest Wulf will give you a boost to several combat skills.

Lost Legacy

The historian in the Skaal Village, named Tharston, will come to you for help and ask you to investigate an old crypt with him.  As with all crypts in Tamriel, this one is infested with draugr.  The final enemy will be the entombed Vahlok, the jailer.  After escorting Tharston, he will pay you for your services.

Tel Mythrin

From the Ashes

Speak to the fretting Telvas Fathryon who is on the outskirts of Tel Mythrin.  He will confess that he summons an Ash Guardian and has since lost control of it.  Assist him in killing it and he will reward you with a spell or staff and will become a possible companion.

Azra’s Staffs

This quest is given by Neloth in Tel Mythrin, who will ask you to find one of Azra’s Staffs and bring it to him.  There are numerous locations to find one of these staffs, such as:

  • Bloodlet Throne
  • Boulderfall Cave
  • Broken Helm Hollow
  • Eldersblood Peak
  • High Gate Ruins
  • Embershard Mine
  • Falkreath Watchtower (Labeled as Crossroads Watchtower)
  • Mara’s Eye Pond
  • Sightless Pit
  • Yngvild


Experimental Subject

To gain this quest, talk to Neloth who will want to attempt an experimental spell on you.  The spell will grant you an additional 25HP, but the bonus will be taken away as soon as you get in a water.  Upon returning to him, Neloth will remove the spell and reward you with payment.

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