Temple Run 2: Undocumented Features & Tips

The documentation for this addicting mobile game is sparse. With the Android version of Temple Run 2 now available, there will no doubt be new runners, and the in-game tutorial will only go so far. The built-in trainer will teach players the basic mechanics of using the accelerometer to collect coins (known as tilting in the game), swiping to evade obstacles and double-tapping the screen to activate the power-ups. But in what this game does not reveal to players is the fact that these power-ups/abilities are stackable.

When the character’s power-up ability is, for example, set to boost and the coin magnet icon is grabbed, the two will complement each other. Players can concentrate on dodging obstacles instead of tilting the game screen to navigate the character to grab the coins. Now assuming the player has reached the distance set by the coin value ability, the money being racked may even make Scrooge McDuck quirk an eye. He will need a second vault to hold all this money being gained!

A more detailed look at these abilities are as follows:


Note: The power-ups are not automatically active at the game’s start. Players have to accumulate at least 250 gems (by default) to charge it up before it can be activated by double-tapping. These bonuses can be improved by spending gems. Also, if the character hits an obstacle, the charge is lost.

This power-up makes the game character move faster. All obstacles are neutralized when this mode is engaged. When players are in this mode, the accelerometer replaces the need to swipe (to direct) the character in which direction to go.

Prevents the character from tripping, getting burned or smashing his or her head open. When one of the three is encountered, the shield turns off. Also, this feature does not save the avatar from falling or being washed away in the river. This feature is good for those who find themselves running into obstacles quite often, but useless for distance runners since leaping or sliding is infinitely easier.

Coin Bonus
As the name implies, more coins are earned when activated.

Gem Bonus
Players earn extra two gems when activated.



Note: These are slotted abilities where the more coins invested in each item will mean an increase or decrease in the cost of an item’s feature within the game.

Shield Duration
By default, the shield lasts for approximately 30 seconds before the battery runs out. The more coins invested in this ability will lengthen its duration.

Coin Value
After a certain distance has been reached, each coin’s value will be worth 3x its net weight. The more money invested in this feature, the less distance is required to get this bonus. For example: two notches require players to reach 3,000 metres to get this bonus. Three notches mean a distance of 2,500 metres needs to be achieved.

Coin Magnet
Like Shield Duration, this feature comes in very handy for players simply focusing in on dodging obstacles instead of money grabbing. When paired with Boost and Coin Value, this multi-combination can be very powerful when activated by a combination of power-ups that appear in the game.

Boost Distance
This feature should not be overlooked by runners trying to reach the distance required in the Coin Value ability for triple a coin score. Each notch adds 200 metres.

Pickup Spawn
This ability should be the first item to get upgraded. The odds of random power ups within the game are about ten to one, and it improves by a factor of about 7% per notch purchased.

Power Meter
This feature is very handy for players often making use of self-activated power-ups. It allows for a faster charge-up. For example, at two notches, power-ups activate after gathering approximately 180 coins.

Save Me
Dying often? The gems to activate this option do not appear often and by the time enough of them is accrued, they can be spent fast. Nearly four hours of game time can be eaten away for players to collecting just 50 of these emerald pieces. Instead of using this feature prematurely, be frugal. The best time to use this feature is when that threshold in the Coin Value ability is reached.

Head Start
This feature is more useful for the impatient, namely players who do not want to deal with the first 250 metres of the game. But practice makes perfect in a game that depends on lighting fast reflexes.

Score Multiplier
This feature is fairly self-explanatory. It does not affect the value of the coins gained, but can look good when players are advertising their scores in either the Apple Game Center or the Google Play Leaderboard.

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