Temple Run 2, Details on Gameplay and Impressions

Some iOS games like Temple Run 2 can be good, if the secret to its success is not about tricking users to buy extra coins or gems from the Apple Store out of frustration. With this product, the hero Guy Dangerous can easily die at the most inopportune of times, either because players do not see what is coming or the creature he is escaping from is blocking part of the screen. This game relies on the player’s twitch ability; reacting fast is required to prevent the hero from meeting his doom.

The pay-for-item cost model is not too bad. For $.99, gamers can get 5000 coins or 5 gems. That does not go far in the game. For players who want to get started, they can unlock a few options to make game-play a tad bearable. The coins are used to buy power ups or new characters, and the gems are for saving the avatar from death. The character re-spawns at the nearest distance marker and continues his run.

At $4.99, 50,000 coins or 50 gems are earned. When using the gems to save the character from death, they can go fast.

This game can be played without spending a single dollar. However, the time invested in doing so may be tremendous. The challenge will be in how patient the casual gamer is in trying to earn enough of either so that the power ups or ‘save me’ options can be used.

In a randomly created platform style game, players have a choice of four heroes or heroines—which get unlocked after spending coins—to navigate to their hopeful freedom. The extra characters include Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee. Strangely, they do not have abilities to make one character preferable over another. Players can customize each character’s own power-up and that’s not enough. Had there have been a unique feature to each character, then to continuously play one character over the another would have added some variety. Eventually, this game can get potentially get stale after regular gameplay. Only two characters have been unlocked at the time and no real money was spent at the time of this review.

And this game does not have an apparent end. The player characters just keep on running until the inevitable happens. Successful runners may well want to apply for the Olympics. Or better yet, go take their chances in a certain dystopian world found in Logan’s Run. At least a certain end can be found there with Carrousel.

In this game, the avatar is running away from the clutches of a masked ape in some kind of temple located high on a mountaintop. The character is trying to escape with a golden statue that looks like it’s from the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

There is no doubt that this game takes a bit of inspiration from this first movie and the second with the mine cart sequence. The romp is fun-filled and fast-paced. Through a series of swipes, the character jumps, slides or swings around a mountain maze in a vein attempt to escape. Once in a while, a special power-up may appear to give the player an ability to collect more coins, run faster (which is great for escaping from the ape), double the point value or act as a shield from obstacles.

Unfortunately the frequency is not very good when playing this game for the first time. After spending 20,000+ coins, the spawn rate is better, and perhaps at twice that, the rate they appear may save the day than kill the hero. The question is where will they appear. Some of the problems lay in where these objects materialize. Quite often, the virtual character has to leap in order to gain it, and that may include leaping to one’s death just for that one precious gem.

In terms of other game mechanics, if the touch-screen contact is not good, the hero slips and dies in a myriad of ways that is either amusing or grisly. Nobody wants to see the wreckage of a body after it falls off a mountain. To hit a tree like a koala, however, is not without some charm.

This game succeeds as a simple time-killer. It’s not meant to be played for more than 20 minutes in one sitting. When anyone is stuck on an iOS game for too long, the battery drain will prove to be the true killer. Good or bad, yes this game is also coming for Android devices. At least some of those tablets have a better battery life. But if its a mobile and the player can’t make that all-important phone-call for a taxi, the run the person has to make to an appointment may well be the most exhausting of all.

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