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It’s the day we’ve been waiting for all month, everyone. Sony’s press conference on their next gen gaming tech. After a month of concepts, teasers and rumors, we’re all anxious to get the details straight from the company’s mouth. So let’s take a look at what went down.

The Playstation Vita

The opening of the conference was mostly talking about Sony’s newest handheld, the Playstation Vita. Sony mentions that the Vita is the most powerful handheld console out there. They feel that it’s so powerful that it has potential in the living room alongside your home console. We should expect a lot of Vita integration with the PS4. I predict we’ll get more support for playing console games on your handheld and using the Vita as a controller for your console. Sony gave a live demo of the PS4 title, Nac, running on the Vita through remote play. Sony says that its goal is to make every game on the PS4 remote play compatible. There will also be services such as Netflix and Amazon Video on the handheld. Sony also spoke of some features for smartphones and tablets, so we’ll keep an eye on that.


The head of Sony’s hardware team was really excited about the PS4’s specs. The team did extensive research by talking to developers to find out what kind of hardware they should fit the console with. Here’s what’s inside the console:

  • X86 processor
  • Enhanced GPU
  • 8GB unified memory
  • Local Storage HDD
  • GDDR5 Memory (CPU and GPU share a single pool of memory)

We also got a look at an actual DualShock 4 .

The new controller will feature a share button for the PS4’s social features (more on that later). From the way it was described, it sounds like Sony made the analog sticks and trigger buttons more rigid. I also saw a micro USB port with a headphone jack in it. Hopefully this will mean a very simple way for players to listen to in-game audio, a feature that wasn’t well-handled in the PS3. There is also a camera featured in the controller to judge depth. This sounds a lot like teh same technology used to create the Nintendo Wii Remote’s pointing features. It also seems to have a touchpad on teh front of the controller.

PSN and Social

Sony had a lot to say about its new cloud system. Sony claims that Gaikai will help it create the world’s fastest and most powerful gaming network. They might not have said it themselves, but this to me seemed like a large middle finger to Microsoft, whose supporters are always quick to bring up Xbox Live’s superiority to PSN.

Sony is bringing some welcome improvements to the Playstatino Store. Players will be able to demo digital games, like the 60 minute demos currently available to PSN+ subscribers. Digital version of games available in physical media will be the complete game, instead of a version watered down to create a smaller download. Players will also be able to play the game as it downloads, instead of waiting for the entire game to finish downloading before starting.

Sony is also doing more to integrate Ustream and Facebook. Sony wants your Facebook friends to know that you’re an expert at Journey, apparently. Just as rumors and speculation said, players will be able to Livestream their games. I’m a bit disappointed that they decided to go with Ustream instead of Twitch, but it’s still a great feature. Players will also be able to watch their friends game, while even chatting with them. There is also a feature where your friends could take control of your screen or direct the game to help you through a tough spot.

The PS Move got some time in the spotlight, too. It seems that Sony has decided to change directions with the motion controller. Instead of trying to emulate the Wii, they have decided to turn the focus towards creative art programs, including 3D sculpting.

Hopefully they decide to have a “if you want it, it’s there; have fun” attitude instead of shoving it down our throats.


What would the Playstation be without games? Today Sony unveiled a lot games for their next console. We saw a trailer and a bit of gameplay for Nac, a cartoony-looking game where humanity is fighting against a troll threat. We were also shown some gameplay footage for Killzone: Shadowfall. While the playthrough was going on, Sony uploaded the footage using the share button and it is available hereThe second new IP was Drive ClubDrive Club is a team racing game where players can form clubs and race against other clubs around the world. The game will allow you to customize weather and time for your courses, and challenge other Clubs and players to beat your time. Next on the list was InFamous: Second Son. In this game’s universe, the US has been turned into a surveillance-heavy society. We get a new protagonist in this game, but there’s no guarantee that we won’t see our old friend Cole McGrath. Next was the trailer for another new IP, The Witness. This is an open world puzzle game that focuses on the theme of epiphany. Instead of making the world huge and padding gameplay, The Witness will focus on every small detail. Everything has its place for a reason.

To unveil the new Panta Rhei engine, Sony showed a trailer for Deep Down, an RPG with possibly a similar plot to the .//hack series. Square Enix also gave a presentation showing what their games would look like on the new platform. They have also announced a new Final Fantasy game and said to be excited for E3 this year. Ubisoft showed up to let us know that the Watch Dogs IP will be returning. Blizzard came out tonight to confirm that Diablo III will not only be available on the PS4, but on the PS3 as well. Activision also made an appearance to announce Bunjie’s new project, Destiny. The game is slated to become Bunjie’s next great FPS. It will be available for the Playstation 3 and 4 at launch. 

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