Saints Row IV: ‘Meet the President’ Trailer

If you like your politics like I do – full of nut-shots, dubstep and super-powers – then I think you’ll dig this new trailer for Saints Row IV. The video shows gameplay of the protagonist’s abilities and comically exaggerated combat skills.

If you hadn’t yet heard, your playable character in the Third Street Saints has ranked up their status significantly – to the President of the United States. It seems this political power will stop at nothing to demolish crime, taking a very… hands-on approach.

It seems he or she can perform incredible wrestling moves as well as telekinetic super powers, sending victims flying with either the might of your fists or the force of your mind. Or, as the trailer demonstrates, a severe kick in the gonads will do.

Recently we reported on a “Commander in Chief” special edition of Saints Row IV, which is available to those who pre-order the game. It includes an Uncle Sam outfit, a “Screaming Eagle” jet, and a “‘Merica weapon,” which functions as a flamethrower, a “dub step” gun and a rocket launcher.

Saints Row IV will release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on August 20th in the US and August 23 worldwide.


[Source: Destructoid]

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