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Here at Gamersyndrome, we take every opportunity we can to remind the masses of one pivotal truth: gaming rocks.

In the spirit of this simple yet important message, we bring to you now a new feature we hope you enjoy. Random Gaming Moment Of The Day will represent a constant reminder of gaming, the games, and the gamers who play them, as we look at the history of the culture, and celebrate a random moment from our virtual past.

Today’s RGMOTD, takes us on a wild racing adventure and a Rare chance to enjoy some fast paced fun.

As many know, Nintendo’s flagship kart race, Mario Kart, blessed gamers on the SNES back in 1992, an has been testing gaming friendships ever since. Not surprisingly, Nintendo’s rambunctious racer has been inspiring countless clones, trying to replicate the success of the addictive formula. One of the best came from Nintendo’s 90’s BFF Rareware, who came out with Diddy Kong Racing on the 64 in 1997.

Diddy Kong Racing seperated itself from it’s source material, by providing an open world experience, so that the player could explore and freely choose what races they participated in. Not only that, but Rare also allowed the players to race in Car, Hovercraft, or Plane, simultaneously on any track against each other. This added a level of dimension to the racing dynamic, and provided far more variety in replayability, but competitive racing as well.

With a colorful class of characters, a slick engine, and seriously charming music, it’s no secret why Diddy Kong Racing is still considered a classic of the kart racing genre. Today’s RGMOTD, brings us back to the cozy days on Timber Island, where we will enjoy racing the circuit of racers on Snowflake Mountain.

As an added bonus, we get behind the wheel with a younger version of Conker T. Squirrel, long before he ever had the misfortune of a Bad Fur Day.



(Special Thanks Goes To Youtube Uploader William5000000)

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