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Here at Gamersyndrome, we take every opportunity we can to remind the masses of one pivotal truth: gaming rocks.

In the spirit of this simple yet important message, we bring to you now a new feature we hope you enjoy. Random Gaming Moment Of The Day will represent a constant reminder of gaming, the games, and the gamers who play them, as we look at the history of the culture, and celebrate a random moment from our virtual past.

Today’s RGMOTD, takes us back to a secret little place called Moo Moo Farm, and how notorious it would eventually become.

Back in the days of Diablo, a rumor sprung up in regards to what would become a white whale of an Easter Egg “The Secret Cow Level”. While there were many iterations oft he rumor, clicking on a certain number of cows would reveal the path, but alas, nothing was ever discovered. Throughout the next couple of years, the community would endlessly discuss the fabled cow level, and Blizzard even fueled the fire with a nod to the notorious legend in Starcraft, and even pulled an EGM by featuring a false screenshot of The Cow Level on April Fools Day.

Well, Blizzard eventually had the last laugh, as the advent of the expansion of Diablo 2, Lord of Destruction, finally brought truth to the hollowed matter. After players successfully complete normal mode,  they could indeed reach the infamous Cow Level. The caveat to do so sounded outlandish, you needed to transmute Wirt’s Leg and a Tome of Town Portal, while standing in the Rogue Encampment.

Once all of these requirements were met, you would find that something bovine this way comes.



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