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Here at Gamersyndrome, we take every opportunity we can to remind the masses of one pivotal truth: gaming rocks.

In the spirit of this simple yet important message, we bring to you now a new feature we hope you enjoy. Random Gaming Moment Of The Day will represent a constant reminder of gaming, the games, and the gamers who play them, as we look at the history of the culture, and celebrate a random moment from our virtual past.

Today’s RGMOTD, is brought to us by a victory for video games, with recognition from a community the industry had not yet experience.

Despite brilliant scores and beautiful compositions, video game music had been given about as much notice in major circle of recognition as much of the industry. A constant quality permeated through out the audio nuance of the video game world, but it wasn’t until the release of Civilization IV, that many outside of the industry started taking notice to one who absolutely deserved the praise.

The well known turn based strategy series, Civilization, has been a long and celebrated PC game, since the series debuted back in 1991. The deeply tactical, richly historic, and robust gameplay, made the Civ series well respected among PC gamers and gaming enthusiasts alike, cultivating a sense of depth and quality few other series can claim in their time.  While the audio finesse of the series was always intact, it wasn’t until the 2005 release of Civ IV, that the series got major recognition in a big way, thanks to it’s award winning theme music.

Civ IV’s grammy award wining piece, entitled “Baba Yetu”, was the first video game piece of music to ever win a grammy, which it finally did, in the 53rd annual awards, where it was nominated for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s). Originally composed by Christopher Tin, the games theme portrays a rich culture and grand atmosphere, which was the perfect back drop to the epic nature of the Civilzation series benchmark of high quality through out the years.

Here now, is Civ IV’s grammy award winning theme “Baba Yetu”.



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