Random Gaming Moment Of The Day

Random Gaming Moment Of The Day


Here at Gamersyndrome, we take every opportunity we can to remind the masses of one pivotal truth: gaming rocks.

In the spirit of this simple yet important message, we bring to you now a new feature we hope you enjoy. Random Gaming Moment Of The Day will represent a constant reminder of gaming, the games, and the gamers who play them, as we look at the history of the culture, and celebrate a random moment from our virtual past.

Today’s RGMOTD, deals with the generous nature of modders, and how they’re efforts sometimes do more to anger than they do entertain.

Super Mario Brothers still represents to this day, one of the most beloved games of all time. It’s simple but genius design, and the rapidly progressing standards of technology and user created content, ushered in a new era of Mario related content. The user related content for even the original Mario is too numerous  to even begin to mention here, but a few stand out as particularly clever, or positively brutal in their design.

This random moment, combines both clever and brutal, to give us one of the most difficult Mario mods of our day. While more ridiculous mods exist, the sheer mischief and subtle evil found within the remixed levels of this new Super Mario Hell, stand among one of the most memorable.


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