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Here at Gamersyndrome, we take every opportunity we can to remind the masses of one pivotal truth: gaming rocks.

In the spirit of this simple yet important message, we bring to you now a new feature we hope you enjoy. Random Gaming Moment Of The Day will represent a constant reminder of gaming, the games, and the gamers who play them, as we look at the history of the culture, and celebrate a random moment from our virtual past.

Today’s RGMOTD, ¬†is brought to us through the power of parody, and movie (video game cross over) magic.

Last year, ¬†Disney came out with the video game based film “Wreck It Ralph”, which was not only an hommage to old school arcade video games, but also a heartfelt story about accepting who you are, and not being ashamed of it.

The main character of the film, Ralph, is a Donkey Kong inspired villian, who’s sick of the daily grind after so many years of committing to his job, and the thankless job it represents. He looks for a change of pace with a little soul searching, which takes him through the video game universe and back, as he begins to understand the virtual life, the universe, and everything.

This particular moment, deals with Ralph’s acknowledgement he isn’t the best guy around, as he seeks help from an anonymous group of video game baddies, as they try to help each other deal with their own versions of a game over screen.



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