Playstation App Announced for iOS and Android

At their Playstation 4 reveal event, Sony talked about their plans for a new Playstation branded app for both tablets and smartphones across iOS and Android which would provide second screen functionality. The comparison to Microsoft’s Smartglass, a companion app which aims to provide similar second screen functionality, are clear, but how Sony could tie this into the PS4’s socially orientated video streaming and sharing feature may decidedly differentiate their offering’s ultimate potential. Combined with the Playstation 4’s ability to allow players to play their games on the go with their PS Vita, it seems clear that Sony is moving away from the increasingly archaic concept of a centralized hub for everything and fully embracing the idea of a play experience transferable and interconnected between several different devices.

In their recent press release, they had this to say about the proposed Playstation app:

A new application from SCE called ‘PlayStation App’ will enable iPhone, iPad, and Android- based smartphones and tablets to become second screens. Once installed on these devices, users can, for example, see maps on their second screens when playing an adventure game, purchase PS4 games while away from home and download it directly to the console at home, or remotely watch other gamers playing on their devices.

Source: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc

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