Plants Vs. Zombies is Now Free on iOS!

Pop Cap’s incredibly addictive tower defence strategy game Plants Vs. Zombies is now available for the low price of absolutely nothing on the iOS platform.

This means you can go ahead and download the game on your iPhone for some plantlife warfare on the go, or revel in the game’s bright HD visuals on an iPad. It will be available through the rest of this week.

Chances are, if you’re a gamer, you have the game on one of the million platforms the game has released on: PC,  Mac, Google Chrome, DS, PSN, XBLA, PS Vita… pretty soon you’ll be able to play it on your microwave.

And if you haven’t played this amazing game yet, you now have absolutely no excuse. The value that Plants Vs. Zombies provides with any previous price tag is through the roof, and being available for nothing is amazing considering how many hours of your life it can potentially consume. If I can convince half of my family to play a video game and get addicted to it, chances are you’re gonna love it.

This should keep people busy while we’re still all anxiously awaiting a sequel. Pop Cap announced last year that a sequel would arrive in Spring 2013.


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