Payday: The Heist – Pistols Guide: Bronco .44

Payday: The Heist is a four player co-op FPS developed by Overkill Studios (now a part of Starbreeze) which allows you and three of your friends to perform all kinds of stings and heists, ranging from stealing diamonds to printing counterfeit money. Reviews of Payday were widely positive, and is frequently compared to the likes of the Left 4 Dead franchise. There are many things that set Payday apart from other four player co-op games: the sheer amount of teamwork needed to pull off a heist, the variety of ways to successfully finish a heist (some may be done stealthily, rather than blasting your way through), the adrenaline pumping music playing as you gun down thousands of police offers, and many more things. The four protagonists (Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, Chains) work their way through heists usually wearing their trademark clown masks.

Since buying Payday when it went on sale a while ago, I haven’t regretted a single moment of it. With the ability to change load-out and play style so easily, it’s a game that I find myself going back to every week. Also, the randomly generated positions of objectives, guards and, in some heists, beginning spawn points, it’s safe to say that you will not play the same heist in the same way twice.

Thanks to the success of the original Payday, a sequel is being created and will be released in August – see this article for more details. To celebrate this, I have decided to help you out, with the ultimate Payday: The Heist guide. Through this guide, I’ll be running you through many things: special enemies, achievements, strategies for a heist, weapons and unlocks, and even more!

Bronco .44

Unlocked: Support, Level 6

Power: High

Range: Medium

Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic

The obvious advantage that a revolver (especially the Bronco .44) can bring you to a gun fight is power. Being the highest damaging pistol in the game, the Bronco is great when you need to pack a punch against cops and you’re running low on ammo on other weapons. Obviously, it’s not the first choice for stealth – but if that’s not an issue, this pistol is a handy sidearm to have. The Bronco .44 has ten unlocks:


Accuracy 1 – unlocked at support level 10

Accuracy 2 – unlocked at support level 20

Accuracy 3 – unlocked at support level 34

Accuracy 4 – unlocked at support level 43

Damage increase 1 – unlocked at support level 8

Damage increase 2 – unlocked at support level 17

Damage increase 3 – unlocked at support level 30

Reload speed 1 – unlocked at support level 14

Reload speed 2 – unlocked at support level 26


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