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My girlfriend and I decided last year to go to Ottawa Comic-Con; unfortunately that was about 4 days after the actual con. So, as it was the only option available, we decided to go the next year. We saved up our money and planned our adventure and this past Saturday, we went, and was it ever awesome! The costumes were amazing, the guests were really cool, (one was a bit of a dick but we’ll talk more about that later) and all of the vendors were really friendly and cool and some of them offered way more than t-shirts and old comics.

First off I’m going to just say how awesome all of the cosplays were, even the crappy ones. There was a really cool and well thought out Big Daddy (Bioshock not Kick-Ass) and there was even a whole team consisting of the characters from Team Fortress 2! There was a lot of Joker-Harley Quinn couples, a Jackie Estacado and countless Spidermans, Supermans and Batmans and what seemed like an endless supply of steam punk fanatics. One of my favourite parts of the con was the Masquerade held Saturday night. It was a costume contest of sorts where 3 professional cosplayers judged the amateur cosplayers’ costumes. The classes varied, from novice, journeyman and master. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the winner but most of them were very elaborate and all of them were really cool. My favourite had to be a really good Boba Fett costume, like this guy had it all, and it looked really good. Also he was like 6’ 5’’ so he was even a little intimidating as Boba Fett was. He fit the character perfectly and he did a phenomenal job.

Next year, I’m totally dressing up!

Now the hardest part about a con that I learned this weekend had to be that you can’t do everything. There’s just so many panels and so much on the floor that you need to go every day in order to see it all. My girlfriend and I luckily planned ahead so we got to see all the people we wanted to see.

The first panel we saw was a Firefly panel consisting of Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite and a surprise Skype call from Summer Glau. It was a lot of fun and Jewel was beautiful and charming and also really funny. Nathan was exactly how I thought Nathan Fillion was. He channels so much of himself on to his on-screen characters. It was almost like watching a panel with Richard Castle. One person asked the question of “Do you ever think there’ll be another Firefly season or movie” and he had the most sarcastic response for this guy that I couldn’t help but laugh. This is a question he probably hears at least once a day and he, as an actor, has no say or pull in anything like that and he was sure to let that guy know that. He also had this awesome story about a friend’s mom and a gynaecologist. If you happen to see him at another con and have the opportunity to ask him a question, ask him about that story.

The next panel we had the pleasure of seeing was for Miss Felicia Day and she was amazing. She was so humble and charming and sweet and she had the perfect answer for every question. You could tell that she has a warm place in her heart for fans like us because I believe she is just like us. She is just as much of a fan of everything at the cons we go to and she doesn’t seem jaded or out of touch with her fans. She is very inspirational and she had the best answer for one person’s question. The guy asked her, “what is it like to be a gamer-girl” and she said “First of all, I don’t like to think of myself as a gamer-girl, I like to think of myself as a girl who is a gamer” much to the delight of the entire audience. She was very inspirational and was a ton of fun to watch.

She’s just this sweet in real life! and she loves games!

After those two we went and explored the floor. That was a little overwhelming at first but we got into a good back and forth motion through the aisles and one of the first booths we went to was for a local comic book store to which my girlfriend is on a first name basis with the owner. He was very helpful in giving us a rundown of the place and made it so much easier to navigate. All the booths at the beginning unfortunately had a lot of the same merchandise, Doctor Who toys and Adventure Time plushies (I got a Lumpy Space Princess one, Oh My Glob!). Then it broke into the comic vendors and oh my goodness there were so many. They sold everything from the golden and silver age of comics. Many 1st prints and tons of collectible issues. I even saw one comic on sale for $500! I was only looking for one specific story though, Marvel’s Civil War, which was a lot more difficult to find then many may think. There was also a giant wall of literally every t-shirt you could imagine. DC, Marvel, video games, television (a lot of Big Bang Theory apparel) and movies… Even Twilight.

Then after all those “commercial” vendors we got into the artists. Both local and from out of town all these people had beautiful examples of all of their work. My girlfriend is a huge fan of Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra and we were lucky enough to have Pia at the convention. She signed our comic and drew the monkey from the series, it was awesome! There was also a vendor who sold homemade suits of armour… for about $1500 a pop.

After that we went to our next panel, Nicholas Brendon, or Xander from Buffy. Unfortunately he was a little pretentious. He seemed like he really didn’t want to be there and we seemed like a nuisance. He didn’t have very many good or well thought out answers for anyone and even at the beginning he said he was tired and didn’t want to be there. It was sad because my girlfriend is a huge Buffy geek and she was really disappointed in his lack of friendliness.

The next celebrity we got to see was Gillian Anderson or Agent Dana Scully. I have to start off by saying that Dana is gorgeous, she hasn’t changed since season one of X-Files. She’s great in Hannibal and she has a new series coming out called The Fall which looks really good. She gave great answers as well though she was also a little disconnected. I feel like with her though is because the show she did to gain all this fandom was done so long ago. She’s done so much more with her career and she’s done a lot with her life that X-files is far in her past. I’m happy she still does the cons though. I could tell she has a lot of affection for her fans.


The final, and by far my favourite celebrity we got to see was Ensign Wesley Crusher or Wil Wheaton. He was a lot of fun. He was just as cool and charismatic as Felicia Day was (which makes sense considering what good friends they are) and he also was very connected with us all. He is one of use after all. An avid gamer and a huge table top geek. He even has a show on YouTube with Felicia Day called table top where he and a group of his friends just play table top games and record them for our enjoyment. I highly recommend watching it at the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel. He, of course, also answered a lot of Star Trek questions and we learned a lot. Including that the rainbow suit that he wore The Next Generation was in fact an official suit. The three colours represented each branch of star fleet and as an acting ensign; he had yet to choose which branch he belonged to.

Yeah, this gem.

All in all the entire con was a huge success and was a ton of fun. I recommend that if there is a con anywhere close to where you live, you hit it up. It’s so much fun and it’s really an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait until next year!

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