Microsoft On Xbox One DRM Policies: “People Just Weren’t Ready To Make That Leap”

Microsoft On Xbox One DRM Policies: “People Just Weren’t Ready To Make That Leap”

While the Xbox One DRM debacle is far behind us, the memories remain. As we near closer and close to the November 22nd launch of the Xbox One, many haven’t forgotten about the initially poor reveal of the Xbox One, and the ensuing fallout of the event.

In a recent interview with Engadget, Microsoft’s ¬†Senior Director of Product Management Albert Penello, recounts the misery that was the Xbox One DRM fiasco, and further comments on what he felt was the underlying issue.

Rationality, as it turns out.

Penello Comments:

“I do feel like we never got a chance to have a rational conversation about what we were trying to do…You can almost attach any of the weirdness between then [May] and launch to that decision, because the truth was we were really committed to it.

We just think that’s the way the future’s gonna go…[and] we may have been right. What we were wrong about was that it’s just too soon. People just weren’t ready to make that leap right away.”

A quotation that will likely be taken with more severity than it was meant, but what can you expect? The initial policies seemed poorly conceived from moment one, and policies that were further muddled by inarticulation of their implementation, the story seemed to change dependent on the Microsoft employee spoken to.

Even putting aside the confusion involving the technological issues, the whole idea of all digital on a base level, doesn’t seem feasible. When you figure in the always on, ownership rights issues even after the initial confusion, I’m surprised Penello believes the only problem surrounding the issue was one of “clarity” or “rationality”.

When you consider that a reveal event is suppose to encompass both qualities, it brings into question the legitimacy of what’s being revealed.

(Interview Via Engadget)

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