Ubisoft Steps Up Their Game With Assissans Creed IV

For the past 40 plus hours I have been playing one of the most incredible games that I have ever gotten my hands on, Assassins Creed IV. The huge open Caribbean playground energetically encourages me to explore, an endless ocean sprawled out before me. My intimidating pirate vessel, The Jackdaw, acted as mere transportation, but proved itself adequate in taking on the role of mobile fortress. Protecting me from countless threats, whether they be living-breathing people, or mother nature herself.

I found myself taking on other buoyant titans stuffed full with foes, successfully besting them in battle allowed me the resources necessary to upgrade my ship and continue on into more dangerous waters.  I explored the unknown, fought my way through savage dungeons, and dug for buried treasure to buy new weapons and armor.  I hunted for pelts and skins to craft new bigger, better, holsters…I even found myself in bar fights that exploded into mass chaos!  I have always wondered what a pirate’s life would be like, and thanks to Ubisoft’s latest title, I have lived it.

AC4: Black Flag has taken the series that was slowly degrading, crumbling piece by piece, and has rebuilt it better than ever, crafting new quality far and above my expectations.  Many people who have played previous AC games may be on the fence about the latest in the series, however I am here to tell you BUY THIS GAME.  Many people have also been wondering if said title is better on next gen consoles, or current gen.  I have purchased the title on ps3, although through all of the research that I have conducted, there are not any major differences.  Aside from the obvious 60 fps, there are some slight animation differences.  The power of the next gen machines aren’t without their perks of course. For example, while creeping stealthily through foliage, the leaves and grass will actually move out of Edward’s way in a realistic manner; It’s actually quite impressive.

The game is somewhat sharper on next gen consoles as well, due to the higher resolution.  The gameplay however, is the same on both console generations.  If one were to ask me should I wait to get the title on next gen, or should I get it now? I would definitely recommend getting the game now if you’re planning to wait for next gen prices  to lower a-bit, however if you’re getting a next gen soon, you might want to wait.  Either way this game is absolutely beautiful, and could definitely stand on its own as a brand new series. ACIV, if nothing else, lets you momentarily experience the terrors and victories of being a feared pirate.  When I was a child I use to wonder what it would be like to be a pirate, after playing Black Flag, I can safely conclude it’s a pirate’s life for me.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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