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Members of the Gamersyndrome community, please allow me to introduce myself; I am Daniel Barker and my first feature on this website is going to be an announcement. It’s time to generate an added buzz to this website by employing a fresh concept.

We’ve all witnessed other websites dish out awards such as “Game of the Year” annually, this critic however has something far more structured in mind that will strike your interest into the latest games with greater emphasise. Titles that are entered to receive these rewards are often thrown in based on presumptions. The purpose of the following proposal means such decisions can be made based on gamers opinions and structure.

At Gamersyndrome your views matter, we the team want the voices to be heard and to endorse quality games so we can share our experiences in the here & now, not when the year concludes. Each month I am going to host a “Game of the Month” awards feature, every game that receives the reward are then going to instantly qualify for an “Game of the Year” ceremony. Across the world wide web no other place boasts a decisive enough process that purely goes in line with what the people  believe.

Your votes are going to be the sole element in labelling the best, as a critic I’ll be explaining to the masses exactly why that choice deserves their recognition. Initially we are going to seek the best on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC & Nintendo Wii U. At Catogories are planned to gradually broaden as the idea generates momentum.

If your passionate about recognising quality within the game industry then this opportunity cannot be missed to shape the way the must-have releases receive the acclaim they deserve.

Please leave your comments & feedback below.


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  1. Can older games be considered for game of the month/year? Or does it have to be a game that has been released this month/year?

    Like for instance, with League of Legends release of ARAM as a playable game, does that qualify it to be considered game of the month (not that I’m suggesting it should be, just giving an example.)

  2. To add fairness to the game of the year awards yes we would need to bring our community up to speed by nominating titles from previous months. Ultimately only monthly award winners are going to qualify for the yearly contest.

    ARAM is an example that doesn’t qualify, fundamentality it’s an expansion mode.

    My personal attention is to have fun with this and make a start introducing features which are thought provoking that makes people weigh up their experiences. At the same time I believe the Gamersyndrome community should be classifying exceptional quality within the video game industry so we can spread for other players benefit.

    Exciting times ahead! 🙂

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