E3: TitanFall Is New FPS From Creator Of Call Of Duty, Exclusive To Xbox

E3: TitanFall Is New FPS From Creator Of Call Of Duty, Exclusive To Xbox

Dropping in at the very end of Microsoft’s E3 press conference earlier today, TitanFall is a new FPS from Respawn Entertainment, the studio founded by ex-Call of Duty developer, Vince Zampella.

TitanFall looks to combine the fast paced action of Call of Duty, with some high tech weaponry and arean style movement capabilities. In the game play footage, gamers were treated to a highly detailed, very smooth FPS shooter in no short supply of bells and whistles. The arena looked huge and multi-tiered, and the video showcased some high speed acrobatics from other players on the battlefield.

The game’s title, TitanFall, happens to be one of the biggest aspects of the game’s combat. The titular title comes into play about half way into the trailer, when players are treated to the dramatic entrance of a real game changer: a battle mech. Once entered, the player takes on a whole new role on the battlefield, without losing that oh so classic Call of Duty feel.

For even more in the way of the ridiculous, check out the trailer below:

YouTube Preview Image

Get ready to launch into action, when TitanFall launches exclusively on the Xbox Brand later this year.

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