E3: Get Revenge With Ryse: Son of Rome

E3: Get Revenge With Ryse: Son of Rome

In just one of many exclusives announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference today, we got a closer look at the intense third person action combat title, Ryse: Son of Rome.

Developed by Crytek (Crysis), and launching exclusively for the Xbox One this Novemeber, Ryse looks to combine the intensity of Roman battles, with the graphic fidelity of next gen power.

The new game play trailer, showed off the main character of the game, Marius Titus. The footage shows Titus as  he commands a squadron of men through battle, fending off lone warriors, pushing defensively against a group of archers, and finally taking the enemies stronghold as he leads his men to victory.

The game looks great, but this should come as no surprise from the makers of Crysis, utilizing the power of the Xbox One. The trailer showed off some grand fight scenes, and was pure action from beginning to end.

Take a look:

YouTube Preview Image

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