Dust 514 Release Date is Announced

Eve Online developer CCP has announced that its upcoming free-to-play FPS game Dust 514, which uniquely ties into the aforementioned MMO, will launch on Wednesday May 14 (otherwise known as 5/14…). The game is available on Playstation 3 exclusively. The release date was apparently made public during the Eve Online fan convention Eve Fanfest which is being held in Iceland (where the CCP headquarters are situated) during April 25-27, and it was also confirmed via the official Dust 514 twitter account.

Dust 514 has been enjoying an open beta since January 22, giving fans a chance to try out the game ahead of time.

One of Dust 514’s main unique selling points is the way that its planetside FPS battles are connected to the macrocosmic world of Eve Online’s spaceship focused combat and player politics. In this way, the actions of PS3 players are able to affect PC players and vice versa as both games take place in the same universe.

Source: Dust 514 Twitter

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