DuckTales “Duckumentary” Is Ducktastic

DuckTales “Duckumentary” Is Ducktastic

DuckTales is remember fondly by many gamers growing up in the 90’s. The original classic on the NES is considered one of the best of the 8-bit era, and regularly brings smiles tot the faces of those lucky enough to have played it.

Capcom’s team Way Forward, has been hard at work recreating the magic of DuckTales. The soon to be released HD remaster boasts a fantastic visual upgrade, the original voice actors from the show complete with original script, and the side scrolling style the original was revered for.

Gamersyndrome has covered the game in the past,  and is excited to bring to you the third installment in the game’s very own “Duckumentary”. This video series takes us behind the scenes of DuckTales, as the development team at Way Forward gushes about their excitement on such a fun project. The third video in the series takes a closer look at the sound design for the game, and how important it was to nail all of the small audio quirks through out the title.

From the iconic sounds of jumping on a cane, to Alan Young reprising his role as the greedy but lovable Scrooge McDuck, hearing the team talk about how great the game sounds, only excites me more for the game’s launch on August 13th.

Check out “Duckumentary” #3 Below:

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