DmC: Devil May Cry Guide (Mission 1: Found)

The game opens with Dante getting busy with two angel strippers.  Waking up with a massive hangover, a girl named Kat will knock on the door and warn Dante that the Hunter Demon is coming for him.

After being caught unawares, Dante will find himself flanked by a couple lesser stygian.  A few small waves will be used to give you a quick tutorial on Rebellion, then a barrier will open and Kat will ask you to follow her.

The Hunter demon will pop out from under you and start to pull down the surrounding area.  You will have to escape.  Dodge around the collapsing debris and double jump over the broken dock, stay to the right and double jump again to the far left.  Then jump onto the trailer hanging off of the dock to get to a cutscene.  Now you will be attacked by a bathos and lesser stygian.  Worry about the bathos in the air first, as they will toss timed bombs down at you.  Dodge and fire to keep yourself protected.  Hack and slash at the lesser stygian after the bathos are down.

Kat will warn you that you’re in limbo and offers to assist you in getting out.  Weave through the buildings in front of you and you will come to an open dock where a series of lesser stygian will attack you.  Try to keep yourself from being mobbed by hitting them up in the air and dicing them up.  When on the ground, keep evading attacks and trying to thin the crowd out.

Follow the broken street and complete the jumping tutorial to reach a gold orb.  Then enter into the carnival grounds and use the divinity statue to buy items.   Continue through the carnival until the Hunter demon finds you.  First, you will have to take care of a handful of bathos and less stygian, but once they are dispatched the Hunter Demon will start to shoot his grappling gun at you.  Dodge out of the way and stay safe until Kat finds a way out.  After the cutscene run, toward the Hunter Demon and on the right will be door Kat ducked into.

You will now find yourself in a haunted house, yeah make sure to thank Kat for that.  Run up the stairs and turn the corner, a few haunted house scares will jump out at you, but the one to watch out for is the massive hand of the Hunter Demon busting through the wall. Quickly evade the hand and proceed.  To the left is a mirror, run towards it to trigger a cutscene of the Hunter Demon attacking Dante, then follow the Hunter Demon through the haunted house.

All the doors are locked except the stairs leading down.  Descend the stairs and enter a room with a exit sign.  Of course, the exit will block itself off and a swarm of baddies will descend upon you.  Slice through them, but be careful as the gears along the walls will harm you.  Try to knock the lesser stygian into them instead.  After you clear the room the exit will pull away and you will have to dodge your way through the slicing gears to escape.  Time your run through the first, jump over the second, and evade forward through the last ones to escape.

After a small nod to past DMCs you will find yourself running for your life again.  Eventually you’ll be trapped and Kat will throw a molotov cocktail at the Hunter to weaken him (could have used that earlier, Kat) allowing you to take him on.

The first step is to jump at the Hunter’s face and slash away, you will see him on occasion attempt to strike you with his knife.  When he does this, quickly dodge out of the way and then continue your assault.  After slicing and dicing, the Hunter will jump on top of a nearby ferris wheel. Shoot at him until he fires his grappling hook, then dodge out out of the way. Before too long, the Hunter will fall back down.  Wash, rinse, repeat, and take down the big lubbock.

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