Deal of the Day #2

It seems like today everything is getting more and more expensive and that includes gaming. From games it’s self, to consoles and headsets, everything costs that little bit more. In this day and age, finding a deal can be rewarding, plus save you a bit of cash. In this series of articles, I’m going to find you the best deals, at the best price; these are the Deals of the Day.


1) Unlimited Game Rental Pass 

Have you ever wanted to just catch up on all the great games you’ve missed this generation, however you just don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount on them, well now you don’t have to! Blockbuster this week have released a deal which is great value for money, it’s called the Unlimited Game Rental Pass. Till September 8th you can can rent out any game you like, which can be swapped with another anytime, for just £10. This is great value when you think you could rent out: The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Grid 2 and many others for just £10. This is a great deal for people within the uk, so defiantly take advantage of it.


If your in the market for a new TV this deal could be for you! It’s a Panasonic 32 inch LED flatscreen, which comes with high picture quality. This TV would be great for gaming as its stylish, however great quality. It’s probably abit small for the living room, however great for a gaming setup or even a bedroom. This TV is priced at £299, which is giving you a saving of £150! If you want a top of the range TV in time for the next generation consoles, get this deal. This deal can be found at currys!

3) Xbox Live Ultimate Sale

Assassin’s Creed® III = £.8.99
Borderlands 2 = £.8.99
Far Cry 3 = £8.99
Max Payne 3 = £8.99
LEGO Lord of The Rings – £11.99
LEGO Batman 2 – £8.99
Hasbro Family Game Night 3 – £8.99
Monopoly Streets – £8.99
Kinect Sports 2 – £8.99
Rockstar Tabel Tennis – £2.69
Crysis 3: £14.99
Orange Box: £4.49
Left 4 Dead 2: £8.99
Forza Horizon: £11.99
Witcher 2: £8.99
DAY 4:
Bioshock Infinite £34.99
Tomb Raider £14.99
Gears Judgement £24.99
Metal Gear Rising: Revengence £24.99
Hitman Absolution £8.99
XCOM: Enemy Unknown £14.99
Day 5:
Brothers in Arms: HH = £4.49
FC Instincts Predator = £4.49
Crysis = £4.49
C&C Red Alert 3 = £4.49
WWE ’13 = £11.99
Mass Effect = £4.49
Prey = £2.69
Perfect Dark Zero = £2.69
Dragon Age: Origins = £4.49
Bulletstorm = £4.49

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