Dead Rising 3: New Xbox Teaser Page Keeps Up The Hype

With an engaging showing at E3, Dead Rising 3 was one of the titles at Microsoft’s press conference that got a lot of people very excited for the Xbox One software line up. Being promised currently as a launch title, Dead Rising 3 looks expand the horizons of the previous two games, by going full blown open world in the huge city of Los Perdidos

A new teaser page over on went up, showcasing some of the known assets and features of the game thus far. I’m glad to see the weapon creation is intact, and it looks as if the engine from the previous two games is still providing the up close and intimate action for the third. Nick has the potential to be an interesting hero, but the darker tone of the game, at least as what’s been shown, worries me.

One of the brilliant contrasts of the first two titles involved the serious backdrop against heavy satire, and both Frank and Chuck were so likable because of the straight man act they had to play in their respective loony bins. I’d like to think as more information is released about the title, the more humor we will see.

I’d hate to see the dramatic take over Dead Rising 3. Wearing a dress, while slaughtering a horde of Servbot helmet wearing zombies with a light saber is an experience Dead Rising should not be without.

For any of you who missed the E3 game play demo:


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