Call Of Duty: Ghosts Campaign Trailer Takes Us To Space

Call of Duty has dominated the first person shooter scene on consoles for years. The series has always had a very refined feel, and a very grand scale about both it’s single and mulitplayer modes. Bigger, better, every CoD goes a little further than the last.

Looks as if the series has finally reach the final frontier, as the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign trailer takes us to space.

In what’s becoming a trend for Ghosts, we were treated to a short but sweet trailer outlining some more details about the hype machine this is CoD: Ghosts. For starters, the game is looking more polished with every outing, this newest campaign trailer in full HD looks very impressive.  More so, the game is looking to top set pieces from all previous games, going to the stratosphere and beyond to accomplish this feat. The campaign trailer shows off not only space based levels, but zero gravity battles from soldiers dressed in space suits, armed to the teeth with guns and ammo.

As if  you thought the trailer couldn’t get more over the top, we get a glimpse as to just how awesome the much hyped dog companion will be. While not yet confirmed for mulitplayer, at least in the campaign, it looks as if your canine companion will be able to down helicopters, armed with nothing but fierce loyalty and the jaws of life.

I really hope this is possible in multiplayer.

Say what you will about the series as a whole, Call of Duty knows how to draw a crowd.Ghosts is gearing up for a November 5th launch, with next gen counter parts soon to follow. Check out the trailer below.


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