Amazon Announces False Xbox One Release Date

Popular online retailer Amazon have listed the US release date of Microsoft’s Xbox One as being November 27th 2013. This date is neither necessarily reliable or accurate. Microsoft are yet to announce a specific release date for their next-gen console but have said that the Xbox One will be available in November 2013. If you have seen this date on the pre-order page for the Xbox One on Amazon, don’t get too excited. This is not a leaked release date but more of an estimate by the online retailer for when they will be able to ship the pre-ordered consoles.

A spokesperson from Microsoft made an official, and fairly positive, statement about the date that Amazon are currently providing customers with:

“We have not informed our retail partners about a specific launch date for the Xbox One. It is commonplace for retailers to put place-holder dates and prices into our system until they are given a specific date and price. We are excited to release the Xbox One in November 2013.”

It is easy to speculate on the release date for the Xbox One given we now know the month of its release. Amazon may have made a fairly intelligent estimation by choosing November 27th, which is the Wednesday before Black Friday; possibly a good time for Microsoft to release their new console, but possibly not.

Amazon saw one of the busiest weeks in pre-order history last week during E3 2013 and all the new announcements concerning the Xbox One and PS4; both of which increased the retailer’s console purchases by 4000% from this time last year when E3 2012 was being held, without any new-generation console announcements featured.

You can currently pre-order the Xbox One for £429 on Amazon, as well as being able to pre-order the limited ‘Day One’ edition that comes with a “commemorative controller.” And Sony’s PS4 is also available for pre-order for £349 on Amazon.

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