Witcher 3 Gets Countdown Prompting Hype And Rumors

The Witcher series has seen a lot of success in it’s day, and rightly so. The visually impressive and deeply engaging levels of customization, has impressed many RPG fans with it’s stylized western approach. We saw a brief glimpse of the Witcher 3 at E3 this year, and it looks like were about to see a little more from the long awaited installment.

A new countdown has gone up over on the Witcher 3’s site, suggesting a big announcement at the countdowns end.  Many rumors have been swirling towards the content of the reveal, suggesting it may be an HD CGI cutscene hyping the game’s future launch. Others are speculating we will get to see some new gameplay footage, and have a closer and more in-depth developer commentary on what the Witcher 3 has to offer.

During E3, the Witcher 3 was shown behind closed doors, but many reports suggest press let in to the private showing were blown away. The behind closed doors reveals, are usually a by product of not wanting to be overshadowed at a trade event, or knowing the game is still a little too buggy to be shown in full public view. Considering both Microsoft and Sony were showcasing new consoles, I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys over at CD Projekt Red Studio (the developers) rightfully asserted the next gen consoles would hog all of the spotlight.

The countdown looks to have only a little more than a day left on it, so we will known soon enough what is in store for us. For any of you who missed the E3 trailer, check it out below and resist the urge to drop your jaw while watching.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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