Remember Me Kid Xmas Trailer

Remember Me Kid Xmas Trailer

Do you remember this game? Capcom wants you to. It was talked about last year and some of you may have forgotten about Nilin. A cyberpunk chick ready to kick some serious can and chew bubble gum. All the while having a lack of memory.

We’ve been a but fuzzy on story details outside of some basic plot points. The trailer included shows us more of the game than we have seen up to this date along with Kid XMas who looks to be a boss that will be in the game. Combat is still very similar to the Batman Arkham games and the overall setting of the game is enough to keep one interested. Without further¬†interruption¬† here is the latest trailer for Remember Me.

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We can all look forward to what is sure to be some unique and fun adventures with Nilan and the rest of her crew in May 2013.


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