PS+ ‘Instant Game Collection’: 1 Year Anniversary

Sony’s Playstation Plus celebrated a milestone this week as the Instant Game Collection turned 1-years old.

Playstation Plus was introduced in 2010 as a paid alternative to the Playstation Network which is a free online multiplayer community. If you chose to subscribe to PS+ Sony had a selection of games you could play for free off the PSN as long as you were a member; and the longer you stayed a subscriber the more instant games you were rewarded with.

Although games in the Instant Game Collection aren’t huge blockbusters, occasionally Sony will release a bigger title into the mix. The first games to be available for free with a PS+ membership in 2010 included Wipeout HD, Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves and Critter Crunch. In 2011 this expanded to bigger games like Plants Vs Zombies, Dead Nation, Burn Zombie Burn and Comet Crash. 2012 saw the biggest titles being put in the collection, some of which must have been very exciting to see as a PS+ subscriber: Far Cry 2, Little Big Planet 2, inFamous 2, Saints Row 2, Just Cause 2, Borderlands and Bioshock 2.

Playstation Plus is not as old as the PSN itself, as it was announced at E3 2010 along with the PS3 hardware. However, it has proved fairly popular with PS3 and PSP gamers, although maybe not as popular as the paid Xbox Live subscription, perhaps Playstation Plus will grow in popularity with the release of Sony’s PS4 at the end of this year.

To celebrate its 1 year anniversary, the July 2013 collection features 6 new free games that will be available online to be enjoyed by subscribers. And the list is absolutely full of A-list games: X Com Enemy Unkown, Uncharted 3, Little Big Planet Karting, Saints Row 3, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Machinarium.

64 games have been added to the Instant Game Collection in the past year, and for that $49.99 yearly subscription that comes to less than $1 per game – hard to argue with that.

Happy birthday PS+ Instant Game Collection

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