Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Class Guide: Pugilist

After a very lengthy development cycle, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has finally been released. As FF fans already know, the original release of the game wasn’t what people were expecting, releasing to the public with many bugs and incomplete features that would have required an excessive amount of work to fix. Square Enix reps stated that the game tarnished the Final Fantasy brand, requiring a complete reworking of the game’s mechanics in moving forward, to try and help fans forget about the original FF XIV launch.

Fast forward to present day, with the game seeing a relaunch, and A Realm Reborn has been a smashing success. So much so in fact, Square Enix had to stop the sale of digital copies of the game to try and improve the servers, which were unable to handle the huge number of log-ins closer to the game’s launch.

If you are just now starting to get into the world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you may be interested in our guides for the game. We will be taking an in-depth look at all the races found in the game, as well as analyzing the playable classes and offering some tips that may make your life in Eorzea a bit easier.

In the previous guides, we have taken a look at the five races living in Eorzea. When creating a character, you can choose whatever race and clan you desire. While this choice won’t be limiting your development overall, every race has their pro’s and con’s.

In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn there are four different Disciplines, with each one covering specific aspects of combats or crafting.

Disciples of War are specialized in dealing physical damage; Disciples of Magic are specialized in magic; Disciples of the Hand deal with crafting and Disciples of the Land deal with harvesting and materials collecting.

In The Class Guides we will be taking an in-depth look at all the available classes. Mastering your main class will allow you to choose a Job which will make your development even more specific in certain fields. In A Realm Reborn you can never stop improving and, with our guidance, you’ll become one of Eorzea’s top warriors.

  • Pugilist

The Pugilist class can deal rapid melee damage thanks to their high mobility. They can only fight at short range but their agility can make them retreat quickly when needed. Evasion is their main source of defense since the best way for a Pugilist to survive the heat of battle is to simply avoid damage and evade attacks.


1 – Bootshine
2 – True Strike
4 – Featherfoot
6 – Snap Punch
8 – Second Wind
10 – Haymaker
12 – Internal Release
15 – Touch Of Death
18 – Twin Snakes
22 – Fists Of Earth
26 – Arm Of The Destroyer
30 – Demolish
34 – Fists Of Wind
38 – Steel Peak
42 – Mantra
46 – Howling Fist
50 – Perfect Balance


8 Enhanced Strength (Pugilist)
Increases strength by 2.

14 Enhanced Featherfoot
Improves evasion increase granted by Featherfoot to 25%.

16 Enhanced Strength II (Pugilist)
Increases strength by 4.

20 Enhanced Greased Lightning
Allows the stacking of a second Greased Lightning.

24 Enhanced Strength III (Pugilist)
Increases strength by 6.

28 Enhanced Twin Snakes
Improves the damage increase granted by Twin Snakes to 10%.

32 Third Wind
Increases cure potency of Second Wind to 650.

36 Enhanced Internal Release
Improves the critical hit rate increase granted by Internal Release to 30%.

40 Enhanced Greased Lightning II
Allows the stacking of a third Greased Lightning.

44 Mythril Peak
Shortens Steel Peak recast time to 40 seconds.

48 Enhanced Mantra
Improves the HP recovery increase granted by Mantra to 20%.

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