Disgaea D2, Time and Eternity, The Guided Fate Paradox Coming to PS3 Soon

NIS is releasing a plethora of goodies this year onto the PS3. All these titles will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3, and will definitely bulk up the JRPG library of my favorite console. Whether or not JRPGs are for you, you have to admit these new titles from Nippon Ichi Software are looking gorgeous.


Time and Eternity stars a time traveling princess named Toki/Towa on her quest to reverse history and stop a group of assassins. You follow a sort of mystery solving quest as you try to find out how it was that sent the assassins to begin with. This RPG uses hand drawn animation, so that is pretty special. The title will feature dual audio voicing and DLC as well, and will be out around the summer.
I won’t lie, that trailer is pretty creepy.

The next Disgaea in the series, oddly named Disgaea 2: A Brighter Darkness, which seems a bit counter intuitive to me, has plans to be released around this fall. This title is a direct sequel of the first Disgaea, and will be starring Laharl, Etna, and Flonne. As a huge fan of the Disgaea series ‘m personally very excited. The new story will follow Laharl as he settles into his full duties as Overlord. His subjects don’t seem to respect his as uch as he thinks they should, so he sets out to set them right.

Not only is character customization and class selection coming back, but you’ll also be able to customize characters in new ways through the Master/Pupil system. The player will choose a master and a player, and also what skills to pass on. Pupils will also get higher weapon proficiencies, and masters will get boosted skills!

And finally, The Guided Fate Paradox will be coming out in Fall. This is a rouge-like RPG that takes the player through randomized dungeons and tons of item customizations. You win a raffle at the mall, and the reward is now you are God! Pretty good prize if I do say so myself. Now, as God, it is up to you to guide the fate of the beings who have prayed to you for help. The gameplay sounds refreshingly original and incredibly fun, and this is probable the NIS title I am most excited about.

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