BioShock Infinite New Details: Number of Discs, Length, Audio Logs

Over the past few days Irrational Games boss Ken Live has responded to several tweets regarding BioShock Infinite and in the process revealed some new info about the game. Firstly, asked how many discs the game will ship on, his response was one disc for consoles and three discs for the PC version. This is most likely due to the PC version’s higher texture resolution, and since you will probably only need the three discs to install the game, is welcome news to fans of pretty things andĀ convenience.

He also revealed that the Rapture edition exclusive level called “Museum,” isn’t actually a level, but “an in-engine space where you can view unused art and characters.”

Next, on the subject of the game’s length he said that in his experience the game was as long as the first BioShock from 2007. He also confirmed the presence of collectible audio longs in Infinite. And last, but not least, asked whether BioShock Infinite will focus more on shooting compared to the original, Levine responded with the vague “they both have plenty of shooty.”

BioShock Infinite is scheduled for release on March 26 for PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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