Pure Indie Bundle: Eight Games For Four Bucks.

Gamers don’t have to go very far to get a good deal for a lot on software in this day and age, usually only having to suffer a couple of clicks for a sweet load of games.

For instance.

What is one more long line of cheap Indie Bundles, Bundlestars.com has started a new promotion celebrating the 4th of July. The new bundle entitled “Pure Indie”, features a slew of smaller titles. Smaller in scope perhaps, but definitely not lacking in fun. The bundle, which right now is going for less than four dollars, contains the following games:

  • Iron Grip:  Marauders (Technically Free to Play, the Download acts as a $10 credit in game)
  • Power of Defense:
  • Shattered Haven
  • Tidalis
  • Data Jammers: Fastforward
  • Brainpipe
  • Lunar Pack
  • Gumboy: Crazy Adventures

I’ve played both Gumboy and Iron Grip, and either title represented an easy time of having fun for way too long. The Lunar Pack in fact contains two platform games from the same series. With a mix of Action, Strategy, Puzzle, and Platforming, The Pure Indie Bundle is a safe bet for anyone looking for variety….or anyone whojust simply want to pad their Steam game total on the cheap.

With the exception of Gumboy, Lunar, and Data Jammers, all downloads are available for both PC and MAC as Steam Key downloads. The Pure Indie Bundle pack has a bit of time left for download, but will begin to get more expensive as time goes on.

For anyone interested in throwing around some extra cash for a sweet Indie deal, or wants to learn more about the titles, head over to Bundlestars.com to get screenshots, info, and more.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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